Monday, 12 November 2012

My response re W'loo Bridge. Last day to submit is the place to go to see the plans and get your response in today.
My response is below. See also Rachel Aldreds and Cyclists in the City comments

1. The proposed works are insufficient to make this roundabout appealing to me, and I am likely to continue to use the 'hidden' bypass and Cornwall Road.
a) Please take the opportunity to improve signage and access for this route, and improve the cycle path entrances and exits from the bridge.
b) please change the traffic light phasing at the junctions of Cornwall Road and The Cut, and Webber Street and The Cut, to reduce the amount of red-light time for cyclists using Cornwall Road and Webber Street.

2. Re your published interim designs:
a) Please make the short single yellow line at the immediate approach from W'loo Bridge to the roundabout a double-yellow, no-loading 24/7 (as of course the rest of the bridge should be)
b) I would like to see cycle logos in the centre of the nearside lane coming of the bridge, emphasising that cyclists should take the lane at the entry to the roundabout, and emphasising their right to do so to other road users.
c) The cycle lane continuing after the ped'n crossing into Waterloo Road has conflict with motorists due to the geometry/'sweep' of the road. Can this be reviewed and changes made.
d) The new cycle feeder lane leading to York Road may also be interpreted as a preferred route for cyclists onto Waterloo Bridge? Is this intentional and desirable?
e) I applaud the move to a 20mph limit here.
f) Thank goodness these designs are interim. When will you go properly 'Dutch' here?