Sunday, 13 February 2011

FairFuelUK protest - the reality

The motoring industry are out in force to try to persuade the Government not to increase fuel duty. They've got a silly Valentine's Day stunt tomorrow.

Get ready to knock back those who have been misinformed that motoring costs more than ever and the UK has the highest petrol price etc. Useful sources of information include:

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Paul M said...

Actually, they may have a point: their stunt is a truck-pull, ie focussed on diesel commercial vehicles. The last time I checked (see the UK was only 13th out of 26 European countries & US on petrol prices, but 4th on diesel. Most countries levy much lower rates of duty on diesel so that the price is noticeably cheaper, while the UK levies slightly less, insufficient to stop diesel being more expensive.

The cost of diesel impacts all commercial road users including buses and goods vehiles, some of which are indeed essential and couldn't transfer to rail instead.

While much needs to be done about over-use of roads for transporting goods, the main problem is the private motor car of which the majority are still petrol-driven.