Sunday 29 January 2012

TfL's equivalent to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic

For once I almost welcome this sign. Over the coming week Transport for London are removing the railings that limit the options for pedestrians to cross the five-lane one-way motorstrosity that St George's Road has become.
Unfortunately TfL are using their time and energy on piddling interventions rather than on measures that will make a real difference. This road,  with three schools on one side and a park on the other, should swiftly be made two-way and cycle-friendly.

As well as having no plans to make St George's Road two-way in the imminent future, TfL don't plan to make the one-way motorway bit of Westminster Bridge Road two-way and a mellow place to be and cycle.

I hope that the Catholic church are pulling its flock together to fight TfL's oppression of this area. After all St George's RC Cathedral,  Catholic primary and secondary schools, and the offices of Catholic charity CAFOD are all hemmed in by these truly nasty roads.

Come on TfL, put your energies into real, not superficial, change.