Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why I hate the Cycling Superhighway to Clapham

This video, by regular commuter Gaz, is of Cycling Superhighway 7 going from Elephant & Castle past Kennington Park towards Clapham. The blue paint guides cyclists to move out of the bus lane into the left hand side of a lane used by motor traffic turning left towards Brixton or Cambewell.  Cyclists aren't turning left here with the motor traffic but are following the cycle superhighway straight on to Clapham.

Recipe for conflict? It's an appalling piece of design as the video shows.


Charlie said...

Couldn't agree more - I cycle this every evening - the whole junction by Oval tube is awful. Been hooked like that twice now, both times by very aggressive drivers - now I just take the lane completely in the run-up (which annoys drivers, of course, and I do sympathise, but there's no other way to play it).

The annoying thing is that later on, the junction by Stockwell is actually quite well-planned, and manages to avoid serious conflict - which shows planners can do it if they try a bit harder.

Unknown said...

I cycle this route every day and I find it very intimidating - even though I consider myself a cautious and experienced cyclist. It's a terrible design, the cycle superhighway is just a strip of blue paint on the road, drivers don't give a flying fuck it's there.

cpn20 said...

Why not take the London Cycle network route 3 from Southwark to Clapham via quiet back roads? It seems much safer.

Asking as a cyclist aware of safety rather than a driver telling you to 'get off my road!'