Tuesday 16 April 2013

Check out the Vauxhall Missing Link Competition Exhibition

It's worth having a ride or a stroll between the Garden Museum (and its cafe) and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (and Tea House Theatre cafe) over the coming week to check out the image boards showing submissions to the RIBA / Vauxhall One Missing Link Competition, looking at ideas for extending the linear park planned  from Battersea up to the South Bank. There are displays, not all the same, in the Garden Museum, in the various parks and railway arches, and in the Pleasure Gardens.

There are bold ideas, such as taking a chunk out of the gyratory to create a new square that links to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens:

 and ideas on clawing back the Albert Embankment from its current motor dominated state:

There are some large-scale engineering solutions to remove the traffic :
while Kennington Lane is also reimagined
 Along the way there's the opportunity to check out some work that Lambeth have already done, for example the way that Pedlars Park breaches Salamanca Street:

The exhibition boards can be seen on park railings and in the railway arches.- they're worth a look if you're in the area.