Wednesday, 1 January 2014

An end of year token from the Royal Parks

In March 2012 I started an intermittent dialogue with the Royal Parks concerning the Mall's closure on Sunday and the absence of signage to say that cycling is permitted. It's worth scanning the email exchanges here if you haven't followed the saga to date.

I'm pleased to say that the Royal Parks have now found the funds to purchase their bespoke sign (no conventional 'except cycles' or 'motorbike over car in red circle' sign for them).. Here it is:

The sign is put out on Sundays on the Mall near Horse Guards Road, next to a couple of conventional 'No Entry' signs like this one:

Unfortunately the Royal Parks appear not yet to have found the will or the budget for a similar sign on the Marlborough Road entrance

and I'm willing to bet nothing has been amended at the Buckingham Gate or Hyde Park Corner road closures.

Happy New Year to the Royal Parks, trying as always.