Monday, 19 April 2010

Lab Cllr Morgan's latest thoughts

Depressingly Cllr. Morgan has come back with the following. How can we get the politicians to see the big picture - focussing on cycling means no need for bus subsidy; NHS costs down due to fitter population and fewer NOx emissions; fewer heavy vehicles and less mileage means fewer pot-holes to repair. The costs of supporting cycling by making an area two way and 20mph are slight relative to the overall public sector savings.


I have asked the council all your questions below so we can all see what the council intends to do.

On one-way streets I have had some complaints regarding dangerous cycling on Vauxhall Street from pedestrians so I would not agree it has widespread approval.

It sounds logical for cyclists no tto have to use Kennington Road to make a turn, but what if they come out of Gilbert Road into Wincott street and get hit by a car who does not realise it is 2-way for cyclist. Which is why I want to see the results of the trails to ensure that will not happen.

On 20MPH I was confusing limits with zones. Happy to support but only if it is needed to reduce the levels of accidents and also dependant on the cots involved in changing everything.


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