Thursday 22 December 2011

Promising developments in Heygate Street

Following on from my last blog post on the plan to remove a chunk of the Heygate Street cycle lane and suggesting options, I've heard this news:
Further to consultation responses to plans to remove 100m of cycle lane at the above location (in order to introduce a footway where there currently isn't one) our officers have now produced a plan which will allow the retention of the cycle lane. The width of the bus lane will be reduced to the minimum allowed. TfL have been consulted and have no objection. In addition the carriageway on the northern side of Heygate Street will be increased by 1m. In total this will provide the 1.5m that is need for a cycle lane along the full length of Heygate Street.

We are delighted to confirm the Council will be able to find the money for this vital improvement to our plans to make Heygate Street accessible and safer for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Let's hope the cycle lane is mandatory rather than advisory for motorists not to use. I'm looking forward to seeing the reworked plans. Now TfL, what about the Pelican crossing on New Kent Road becoming a Toucan...

UPDATE The cycle lane is going to be mandatory, and the poor cycle lane in the bus lane going the other way will be removed. Both positive actions in my view. Well done Southwark.