Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hey mum, dad, drive your teenager to ExCel

In the post today was a glossy leaflet inviting 15-24 year olds, plus their parents/carers if they wanted, to visit London's biggest careers and skills event at the ExCel Exhibition Space. Organised by London First and Prospects, supported by Apprenticeships and the Mayor of London (who recently paid for the underused Cable Car to ExCel), the fair features employers such as Crossrail, Network Rail, NHS London, Transport for London plus many more.

As you can imagine, the organisers and supporters of such an important event for young people go out of their way to promote public transport or cycling as the ideal way to get to this venue, which has excellent public transport links and a cycling superhighway right by it. 

In your dreams.

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bikemapper said...

How would people get to the ExCeL Centre by bike? According to the blurb, "ExCeL London is located very close to the Superhighway route CS3 which runs from Barking to Tower Gateway." Very close? From the west it's 1.22 miles away.

What would people do with their bikes when they got there? According to the blurb, there are 60 cycle racks in total.

On a slightly different but related subject, can I just ask: if you were building a house from scratch, how would set about doing it? You would find the best location, you would draw up your plans, you would make sure that your plans are feasible, and if they were, then you would begin construction. Fair enough? Once you had started the building work, you would lay the foundations all at once, and then build upwards, right?

I am suggesting that the development of a comprehensive, city-wide cycle network would follow exactly the same process as the building of a house. Unfortunately, a lot (or even most) of the resistance to this way forward comes from LCC. Do you have any ideas why this would be?