Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Grot or not? Help improve an alleyway

If you've got some time on Saturday why not get involved in helpng plant up and improve the alleyway between Wincott Street and Oakden Street. This is part of a local residents' initiative that will hopefully also see a dropped kerb introduced so that cyclists can use this alley rather than the Kennington 'A' Road. Here's what's happening:

"A skip is arriving Friday night for the weekend - parking it on Wincott Street by the alleyway as per the first Freshview. So please let folk know that this week would be a good week to gather any bulky green waste out of their gardens or overhanging into the street.
Lambeth Council's 'Freshview' team will be around on Saturday, including Jason who helped out on the last Freshview day with his van load of tools , wheelbarrows for all of us to use and help out neighbours move bulky green waste, pick up donated plants etc.
Maureen has offered plants, thank you,  please ask around your neighbours or any other plant lovers in the area if they'd like to donate dry shade plants they might be dividing and we can come and pick them up.

Freshview team will send through a photo of a structure for housing bins they completed on another project and will have the equipment to recreate if it's deemed appropriate.
Kick off 10am on Saturday till 3ish - Lets see how things go. 
If anybody wants to bring cake for a bit of moral boosting please don't hold back !"