Friday, 14 December 2012

So much to explore within an easy ride of school

Pupils from Charlotte Sharman and Crampton schools each had their final after-school club ride this week. Some Year 6 pupils from Charlotte Sharman were on camp last week and the couple of Year 5's who were hardy enough to brace the chill this week were desperate to show them some of the places we visited last week, so our ride schedule was tweaked to accommodate their wishes. Both groups also really wanted to drop by the London Eye and see what was happening in Leake Street.

First stop, at the request of a pupil who had heard of the "£1m property that only two people lived in", was the Water Tower featured recently on Grand Designs
 Then on to check out the gold plated hoops at The Regal at the Black Prince Community Hub
Up Lambeth High Street and over to the Thames Path for a great view of Parliament - I'm so pleased that the proposed ban on cycling on this stretch of the Thames Path was overturned. It would however be great to have some wheeling ramps on the steps that lead up to Westminster Bridge Road to avoid having to carry all the bikes up.
Along Belvedere Road to the London Eye where we stopped to refuel with chips we'd bought in Lambeth Walk
 and took a seasonal snapshot 
 then into Leake Street which, as ever, didn't disappoint - in particular this awesome painting of Gollum
plus a chance to ask some questions of a spray can artist just starting another ephemeral painting
Then it was back to school, both groups a few minutes later than planned having had so much to stop and talk about.