Sunday, 23 November 2014

A very short blog on cycle proofing

The Cycling Delivery Plan published last week for consultation by the Department for Transport contains 13 mentions of ‘cycle proofing’

  1. 1.
    able to withstand something damaging; resistant.

Water proof - designed to hold off water

Cycle proof - designed to enable cyclists to get through.



Phil Jones said...

You're right of course, the phrase isn't good. But the idea behind it - that every transport scheme should provide properly for cycling - is a good one that deserves support.

Charlie Holland said...

Of course I agree completely.

Jim said...

When I was younger, the term idiot-proof confused me, I thought it should describe something that idiots couldn't use, but people kept using it to mean the opposite.


Cycle-parity? Just to signify that the needs of cyclists have been given equal weight to those of motorists (or pedestrians)

AAA-grade cycle provision? (for All Ages and Abilities). Of course that rather suggests that people are working to a defined standard.