Saturday 8 November 2014

My consultation response on North South Cycling Superhighway

General Comments
I hugely support both the NS and EW cycle superhighways as they are essential (as part of a tightly meshed grid) to achieve the ambition of making London a city where anyone can cycle. I can see merits in the bi-directional tracks being proposed, though in general I would favour segregated tracks on each side of the road.

I question whether calculations about bus journey times have taken into account the likely mode shift by adults and children towards cycling with good infrastructure. This should mean more space on buses, decreasing journey time for some due to actually being able to board a historically full bus. In addition, more people cycling means fewer people using buses which will lessen the number of buses that need adding to the network as the population grows, benefitting motor journey time. Fewer buses than there would otherwise be, along with modal shift by car users to cycling, improve general motor traffic journey time for those who need to drive.

Detailed response -  North South Cycling Superhighway Elephant and Castle to Blackfriars
There is considerable detail and I am happy to meet a designer to clarify as needed.

While I suspect some ‘hard-core’ commuters will use the straight line of London Road rather than the dog leg of St George’s Rd / Lambeth Rd, the quality segregation and its tie-in to the revised E&C roundabout plans means that for most people, including those who daren’t currently cycle, the proposed scheme has strong benefits.

I would like to see the traffic island segregation largely planted up (see Guerilla Gardener’s Richard Reynolds’ proposal), and ways to include Sustainable Urban Drainage.

Section 1a
Is there good reason to relocate the Pelican crossing nearer Elliots Row than Oswin Street? It’s not where the major footfall alignment is, partly as it matches the side of Princess Street that has the narrow pavement.

It’s not clear from the drawing whether the pedestrian crossing of the NSCS is light controlled or if the traffic lights at the end of Princess Street are remaining. Might cyclists using CS7 have to wait thrice; at lights to exit Princess Street, then at the pedestrian crossing lights, then for the next phase of the pedestrian/cycle lights to cross St George’s Road? Or coming the other way have to wait for lights at the end of Elliots Row, then again for pedestrians crossing the cycling superhighway?

If the lights at the end of Princess Street are remaining there is potential conflict with cyclists on the NSCS who appear not to be traffic light controlled.

(As a complimentary measure, it would be better to relocate the pedestrian crossing on London Road instead, to the E&C side of the CS7, nearer the tube station and bus stops, to maintain the pedestrian desire line and permit cyclists to turn left from Princess Street onto the London Road bus and cycle lane.)

I suggest consideration is given to relocating the on-road directional arrows for motorists turning out of side roads across the cycling superhighway. These would be better placed in the ‘holding’ space between the traffic island segregation. I would also like conventional entrance/exit of side road lining (double/single give way) on both sides of the ‘holding’ space.

West Square – measures could be taken to make this approach to the square two-way for traffic or filtering traffic out. For the rationale see 1b, Geraldine Street.

Section 1b
With amendments there is considerable potential to increase cycling to/from Charlotte Sharman Primary School, Notre Dame Secondary School, St Jude’s Primary School, St George’s Cathedral Primary School and the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (including the extensive sports facilities and Imperial War Museum) through creating a cycle crossing in conjunction with the planned pedestrian crossing at Geraldine Street.

As a quick fix, moving the Pedestrian crossing south of Geraldine Street allows cycles to cross St George’s Road into Geraldine Street (which is narrow and one-way) to access Charlotte Sharman School (cycle entrance) and the park and associated sports facilities and museum. The pedestrian crossing of the NSCS by Geraldine Street should not be light controlled.

Ideally, Geraldine Street could be pedestrianized, with two-way cycling permitted (option of a Toucan crossing of St George’s Road) so children and others can walk and cycle BOTH ways between the cycling superhighway and Geraldine Street. It also improves ease of use of the Cycle Hire docking station in Geraldine Street. Pedestrianising this street is dependent on the one-way West Square section of road off St George’s Road being made two-way, or filtering motor traffic so it can’t move between West Square and St George’s Road but must use Brook Drive instead for access/egress.

Consideration should be given to making Colnbrook and Gladstone Streets two-way for cycles

At the junction of St George’s Road and Lambeth Road, going into town, I propose removing the early start box and the dropped kerb from the cycle track into it. It would be better for cyclists turning left onto Lambeth Road to do it as though going straight on from Lambeth Road (assuming a right turn from Lambeth Road to St George’s Road is also permissible for cyclists)

I would prefer NSCH section of Lambeth Road being segregated to facilitate children cycling to and from St George’s Cathedral Primary School.

I question the need to widen the footway at this junction, but would like to see a cycle track continue across Lambeth Road westbound.

Eastbound on Lambeth Road the early start lights should not be installed. Instead of two left turn lanes, one should be straight ahead only and one should be left only. Cyclists should have green with the straight ahead lights but be able to turn left also at that time. A cycle lane installed on the continuation of St George’s Road northbound may permit left turns by cyclists at any time not prohibited by pedestrian crossing phases.

Section 2a
Dodson Street needs to be two way for cyclists, otherwise adults and children cycling have to use Bikeability level 3 (+)  Westminster Bridge Road to access it.

Westminster Bridge Road should be redesigned to be two way for cyclists. I challenge the tour bus parking being provided on arterial roads. They should either pay for private land parking or park on appropriate minor streets allowing segregated cycle tracks to be installed on the arterial roads.

Section 2b
There should be ‘in-one’ pedestrian crossings on all junctions of St George’s Circus, matched up with cycle crossings. Essentially the cycle track continuing around the perimeter of it. Currently I can’t envisage children being permitted to cycle westbound from Borough Road to Lambeth Road or vice versa with the design currently proposed.

Section 3a
I support the measures shown here, especially ones that improve the Quietway nature of Webber Street.

Section 3b
Ufford Street needs to retain cyclist entrance/exit, especially as Boundary Way is one-way.
I would like to see a better transition to the NSCS at Pocock Street.

Section 3c
Cyclists need to be permitted to turn left into The Cut.
The directional arrow for the right turn into Union Street from Blackfriars Road NSCH northbound should be a little further back so cyclists wait in ‘straight ahead’ rather than ‘left turn’ lane.
Does ped’n scramble crossing remain at The Cut / Blackfriars Rd / Union St?

Section 3d
No comment

Section 3e
The waiting areas for cyclists turning from NSCH eastbound into Southwark Street should be in the ‘going straight on’ lane, not in the left-turning lane for motor traffic as this may invite conflict at the entrance to Southwark Street.
The proposed method of turning right from Southwark Street into the NSCH isn’t clear.