Sunday, 24 January 2016

A diversionary hiccup on the road to cycling nirvana

Vauxhall Street, a Lambeth back street with a segregated cycle contraflow that forms part of the calm backstreet London Cycle Network route 3 (the pre-cursor to the new Quietways), is being transformed into an even more cycle-friendly street.

While the works are happening a diversion has been put in place, but something's gone awry with it.

Following the red-route from Meadow Road, bottom left, a child cycles onto the segregated CS5 by the cricket ground onto the A202 Harleyford Road, then turns right via a Toucan to access Kennington Oval. The child, following LCN3, would normally turn left then into the segregated cycle lane on Vauxhall Street and continue up across to the lights - to reach Vauxhall School for example. The black lines show the closed section of Vauxhall Street, and the dark red shows the signed diversion.

Here's the LCN3 turn and the diversion sign (NB the street is no entry to motor vehicles).

There are No Entry, Road Closed, Cycle Lane Closed Ahead, Warning Cycles, and Diversion signs while the cycle's allowed sign has been  removed

 On we go and a clear diversion sign to turn left into Clayton Street,

 At the end a clear 'turn left only' sign onto Kennington Road

Where an impatient driver may attempt to squeeze past the child as they pass the Northern Line extension works
Approaching Kennington Cross and a Diversion sign into Windmill Row

At the next lights, Diversion sign tells the child to turn left onto the inner ring road (though I would have sent the cyclist straight over into Cardigan Street where a cycle contraflow exists)
 Continue along the inner ring road, Kennington Lane, then 'Diverted Traffic' takes the child into Montfort Place
where the Diversion ends.
Thc child can then can turn right here to a dead end
or left to a dead end
So, child, why are you late to school today?

It could of course be that that the Diversion sign is unrelated to the Vauxhall Street closure. Confused? You bet.