Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hundreds and thousands stick to Ice Creaminals

What would a permit cost for two ice cream van pitches on Westminster Bridge, twixt the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, for several hours a day during the summer holidays?

A hefty amount I'll bet, not to mention being charged the on-costs of altering a Traffic Management Order and re-routing a red route, bus lane and cycle lane.

But what did it actually cost the owners of the two ice-cream vans routinely flouting the red route, bus lane and cycle lane this summer?

TfL reported to a local Councillor that 20 Fixed Penalty Notices (Traffic Offence) and 17 Penalty Charge Notices (Refusal to Move - Obstruction) were issued over a 53 day period covering half of July and all of August. One arrest was apparently made but I bet that no charges were made.

TfL don't say what the penalty charges are on their website but, from a Google, I believe the FPNs would be £50 each and the PCNs would be £120 (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days).

That's £2020, or £38 a day between two vans.

So the going rate for a top London pitch, with no requirement to pay council tax on it, is £19 a van a day.

That's a very attractive proposition. I wonder how much ice cream vans cost and whether the competition are aggressively protective of their dodgy pitches?


Paul M said...

It is the stuff of legend, and quite possibly fact, that ice cream vans in big cities are operated by criminal gangs - the fleet, that is, not necessarily any individual vehicle. They have been known to fight very dirty indeed over the best pitches - eg the ice cream wars in Glasgow (

Personally, I will continue to stay as clear of them as I can and would prefer to take my chances with the traffic over Westminster Bridge.

Anonymous said...

SO sweet and caring, that 'Mind that Child!' across the back.

While, somewhat lower down, they pump out CO, PMs and certain volatiles.

Nice site btw Kennington

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie! I saw this anti-social double-yellows parking and thought of you:


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