Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Veteran-Cycle Club 60th Anniversary Autumn Cavalcade

@se1 kindly tweeted out a link today to a post on the LFGSS forum today about the Veteran-Cycle Club 60th Anniversary Autumn Cavalcade, setting off at 2pm from Herne Hill Velodrome to the Design Museum on the Thames near Tower Bridge. I met the ride in Burgess Park and here are a few photos I took along the way.

If any of the riders read this and would consider taking part in a short Festive Lights Ride in Lambeth on December 13th please contact me via

According to the LFGSS thread, the expectation was to have bicycles from 1850 to the present day, with the following taking part:
Dandy Horse, Velocipede, Ordinary, Tricycle, Transitional/Kangaroo, Bicyclette, Solid Tyre Safety
Pneumatic Safety, Early pneumatic tricycle/sociable, Pedersen, Early Roadster, Early Board Racer, Early Racing Tandem/triplet/quad/quin, 1930s Tourer, Touring Tandem (with side car?), Paratroop, Trike
Old black baker/butcher delivery bike, 1950s Lightweight, Old Moulton, Twinkie childs trike, Paper-boy's bike, Track Iron, 1970s Lightweight, Recumbent, Lotus Racer, Modern delivery bike, Family bike with trailer and child, Mountain Bike, BMX, Modern Moulton, Muscle bike, Modern Racer, Dutch/Danish roadster, Mud-spattered Cyclo-Cross, Fixie, Brompton

Quick spot of shopping en-route.

You can just get a trike through these bollards with a bit of backwards and forwards negotiation when dismounted