Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ice Cream Wars

It is ludicrous that two ice cream vans (one pictured) can regularly and blatantly sell ice-cream on Westminster Bridge in the bus and cycle lane on the red route in, I believe, the Bishops Ward, Lambeth part of the bridge.

Please TfL re parking or, if Lambeth has the jurisdiction on illegal trading, act on this.

Better still both.

There must be security cameras, Palace of Westminster Marksmen in need of practice, and even some traffic wardens who could do something every time the vans stop on the bridge never mind set up shop. Surely the South Bank Employers Group have security staff who could radio in when they appear.

I would hope that I never see them there again from a week's time. Otherwise I'll have to suspect someone's being paid a large sum of money to turn a blind eye.

By the way, googling the van's registration number I found


Charlie Holland said...

Prompt action by Bishop's Ward Councillor Peter Truesdale resulted in the following email to him from Lambeth's Head of Environmental Health:

Dear Councillor Truesdale,

TfL have confirmed that their on street team has been tasked with paying
particular attention to the bridge. They have a copy of the photo.

stephen said...

I regularly report vans on westminster bridge as i cycle to the southbank. The ppolice and wardens repatedly say all they can do is issue tickets or move them on ( they drive back later!). These vans taken £2K+ a day, penalty tickets are just an occupational hazard to the owners. No one seems to want to deal with this problem, and acknowledge a far more robust response is needed.
It wouldn't happen in Amsterdam! Is someone scared of these van owners?

b33k34 said...

2 of them there again on Saturday evening at 530pm.