Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Poppies Cafe Car Park has Priority

By chance today I had a ride on a bit of Cycle Superlieway 3 - going east from the City of London. The bit I was on is the reincarnated Cable Street segregated cycle lane. Here's a road it crosses - to a railway arch and car park for a local cafe. For some reason this is deemed significant enough to have priority over a superhighway!

Further along though, traffic exiting the side road has to give way to the Superhighway. Traffic entering the side road seemingly doesn't need to though. Blimey it's a mess.


clneely said...

Mayor's Questions 14th July 2010

John Biggs

Why are cyclists losing priority at 5 junctions on the Cable Street section of your Cycle Superhighway?

Answer by Boris Johnson
The upgraded cycle facility on Cable Street has been designed in line with DfT regulations and guidelines for cycle infrastructure. It provides a safer, faster and more comfortable experience for cyclists.

jowdjbrown said...
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