Sunday, 18 July 2010

On the eve of Cycling Superhighway 7 launching

I think the idea of 12 fast cycle routes into/out of Central London is excellent, but a good concept needs equally good implementation. How's it looking on the eve of the launch?

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Cycle Superhighway 7 is only intended to be such for 15 weeks a week each way (M - F 7 - 10am inbound; 4 - 7pm outbound). The rest of the time it's fine to park motor vehicles in much of it, making those part of it as effective as a chocolate teapot for the equivalent of 6 5/8 out of 7 days.

So, what about those 15 hours per week?

Cyclists are expected, due to a bus stop and coach parking, to change lane and merge with motor vehicles zooming south over Southwark Bridge.

I think that says all that needs to be said about the commitment that Cycling Superhighways will be;
"Comfortable - We'll be improving road surfaces and minimising obstructions along the routes so you can pedal more comfortably."
"Safe - The Cycle Superhighways will be at least 1.5m wide and provide continuous cycle lanes at junctions, advanced stop boxes, and signals to help you keep safe."

Now, I wonder who has priority - the bus coming into stop or the cyclist in what was their lane?

And what are these buses that are so crucial they must have a stop right there?

It seems clear that the Cycling Superhighways aren't about prioritising cycling.