Saturday 28 April 2012

10,000 people quietly, politely demand change

This was the view in front of me this morning in Park Lane as people on bikes gathered for London Cycling Campaign's 'Big Ride'

and this was the view behind me

10,000 people turned up in the drizzle to put pressure on the Mayoral candidates to make London a safe, sane and pleasant place to cycle for eight to eighty year-olds.

This wasn't a rambunctious, riotous affair. In fact quite the opposite - never has Piccadilly Circus been so quiet with 10,000 vehicles passing through it.

The people on bikes even stopped at the red lights

Why any London politician wouldn't be going all out to get people out of their cars, off the buses and onto their feet and their bikes, through making the city pleasant for walking and cycling is totally beyond me.

The incoming Mayor must ensure a step-change in TfL so that quiet, non-polluting, efficient means of getting around London can prevail, taking on board the successful interventions that have made the cities of the Netherlands such an inspiration to Londoners.