Saturday, 21 April 2012

Today's obstacles on Cycling Superhighway 7

Aside from all the cars parked in the cycling superhighway, because it's a weekend, we had the following this morning:

Firstly, the sensor (above lamp post in the photo below) to register the existence of cyclists waiting to cross St George's Road at the end of Elliot's Row wasn't working so the red light can't change to green. Dismount and walk across at the pedestrian crossing.

 A hundred or so yards on at the junction of Princess Street and London Road, drying (or dry) blue paint blocks the cycling superhighway - dismount and walk around.

Coming back from the city, scaffolding works and a broken down street cleaner obstructs the way and....
you can't reach the button you need to press in order to get a green light to cross Upper Thames Street to Southwark Bridge (though the bloke in Hi-Vis was happy to press it for us when we asked him to).

Not an obstacle, but not safe either, was the Addison Lee driver who cut around us as we stopped at the end of Southwark Bridge and turned left through the red light we had stopped for.

The person I was giving a cycle lesson to was surprised to hear that the Chairman of Addison Lee is very keen on cyclists being trained, and wondered if he wouldn't be better advised to concentrate on training his drivers.

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