Friday, 21 January 2011

Email now to oppose cycling ban

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) today emailed this video to all its e-list members.

Considerate Cycling rather than No Cycling should be the policy on the South Bank and LCC ask you to email objecting to the recent signs that have been erected banning cycling.

Lambeth residents may also wish to email their local Councillors and MP whose contact details are here .

It's worth noting that support for a considerate cycling policy here comes from the local Living Streets (formerly Pedestrian Association) group too.

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amoeba said...

I was attempting to use City Beast's map

of the cyclist casualties in London to emphasise the danger of pushing cyclists onto the main road, but since I'm not a local, I'm not sure how much of the South Bank is used. Clearly, cyclists going North are pushed into the Park Plaza / Westminster Bridge Road area where there have been at least six serious injuries and one fatality.The question is, how many injuries have been caused by cyclists on the South Bank? I suspect very few, if any, but I don't know.