Sunday, 9 January 2011

No entry except cyclists

Finally the DfT seem prepared, following trials in Lambeth amongst other places, to accept having a standard 'No Entry' sign with the words 'Except Cyclists' underneath. It'll be easier to understand than the current permitted version:
This is Glasshouse Walk, just off the Albert Embankment, which has only recently become two way for cyclists. All we need now is some cycle parking outside the otherwise terrific Madeira Cafe to help persuade their customers to cycle there rather than driving.... and parking their cars in the cycle lane.

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amoeba said...

I've never noticed this combination of signs, but I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have realised what it meant.

I would naturally assume that it meant: 'Warning: incompetent highway engineers ahead'.

Which as a cyclist of many year's experience, is exactly what I've learned to expect. And I never cease to be amazed at the extent of Highway Engineers' level of incompetence, when cycling facilities are concerned.