Sunday, 30 January 2011

Promising intent from TfL and Lambeth Council

Well done to Lambeth Council's Transport and Highways department for taking up my suggestion to minimise one way paint signage when they resurface Wincott Street / Reedworth Street shortly to avoid having to redo the paint when the streets are made two-way for cycling. And well done to them for planning to make the streets two-way for cycling!

Thanks also to Cllr. Steve Morgan in Prince's Ward for pursuing this.

 Thanks also to Lambeth Council's Transport Planning and Strategy department for eliciting fantastic news from TfL that they are looking to improve Lambeth Bridge's scarily narrow northbound cycle lane, making it 1.5m wide when they resurface this summer through removing the very dodgy narrow cycle lane southbound in favour of the shared cycle/bus lane.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. But are we sure it will remain an enforceable lane -- the extra width isn't going to be used as an excuse for turning it into the ever popular "advisory" lane?

Charlie Holland said...

Good question.

angercanbepower said...

This is great - but I think by far the scariest river crossing into/from Lambeth is southbound over Vauxhall Bridge. I do it every day and am frequently inches from irresponsible drivers, have been subject to countless incidents of aggression and been knocked off my bike once.

Do you have any idea what the best way for me to get someone to do something about this is? I live in Lambeth.

Charlie Holland said...

Vauxhall Bridge should be improved within the coming year or two as it's on the next tranche of Cycling Superhighways (CS5 if I recall correctly, from Peckham via Camberwell and Vauxhall to Victoria).

Participate in the relevant borough London Cycling Campaign group (Lambeth or Westminster) who should get a chance to comment on the draft plans (though may not have their views fully taken on board).