Sunday, 16 October 2011

I love my trailer

I wish Carry Freedom would get together with the billboard owners on Kennington Road to have huge posters of their trailers in use, replacing the tedious adverts for cars.

In the meantime, here are a trio of photos from trips I've made in the past few days with my Carry Freedom trailer. I have the wide Y-frame trailer with the extended arm, and most of the time I have a box on it, which is actually a cupboard that was fortuitously dumped near our house just when I started looking for a box.

Taking bikes to a community event - it's more stable than it looks!

  Picking up a garden table that I found dumped in a skip.

Taking garden and household waste to the recycling centre.


Ciarán said...

Arg! I have trailer envy. I need a trailer, however it needs to fold up flat and be affordable.

Charlie Holland said...

The Carry Freedom trailers fold up flat very easily - check their website.