Monday, 31 October 2011

Vauxhall Square - opportunity seized or squandered?

CLS Holdings have new plans for Vauxhall. Go along and comment on the developer's plans (illustrated with the vogueish image of cyclists standing by their bikes - maybe because they're not allowed to ride them or because there's no cycle parking?) this Thursday from 5 - 8pm or Saturday from 11am - 2pm at 80-84 Bondway SW8 1SF.

Reading on there's much about pedestrian improvements but nothing about cycling. Hmm...

This is what they say has changed since their last exhibition (note the final point)
Following ongoing consultation with local residents, community groups, Lambeth Council, The Greater London Authority and English Heritage, the design has changed as follows:
• Elevated ‘skywalk’ has been replaced with wide ground level pedestrian crossings
• Existing terrace of houses (including the Grade 2 listed buildings) on Wandsworth Road are now to be retained and integrated into the scheme
• Wendle Court on Wandsworth Road is now to form a part of the scheme – or affordable housing and the replacement of the hostel
• Design along Miles Street has developed to include a second student housing building and a new community play space/square
• Design of hotel along Bondway has been increased in size to form a strong edge to the new public square and frontages to Bondway
• New office building has been developed to respond better to the street layout of Wandsworth Road
• Design and strategy for all of the public spaces and streets has evolved to create a cohesive improvement to the local public realm.

They go on to say

• Major employment opportunities – more than doubling jobs on site
• High quality and safe public spaces focusing on a busy new public square and a community play area
• New pedestrian routes through the scheme linking Vauxhall Park through to the proposed linear park
• Provision of a much needed leisure and retail heart for surrounding residential and commercial community
• Sets the standard for public open space and acts as a catalyst for further improvements around the transport interchange

What improvements would they like to see.  What do they expect Transport for London to do at Vauxhall? How hard do they feel Lambeth are pushing for returning the gyratory to two-way working as they state in their Core Strategy?

Will Vauxhall remain a traffic sodden abomination in the heart of London?

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