Friday, 14 October 2011

The unspeakable arrogance of Tesco

SE11 Action Team reports that a Tesco Express is coming to the former bingo hall near the Texaco garage on Kennington Road in 2012, and publish Tesco's press release which says,
'Not only will it keep people shopping in the area but is extremely convenient for residents and workers and those people who have no transport or those preferring to shop on foot. We believe it will benefit the area by encouraging people to shop locally and also cut down on car journeys to other shopping areas.'

This is only true if you want to shop at Tesco, which I don't.

It's becoming a struggle to do otherwise locally though as the new Tesco will be a stone's throw from their large Kennington Lane store, and near their Kennington Park Road, Elephant and Castle shopping centre, and Vauxhall Cross St George's stores.

The density of Tesco shops are likely to put other local shops out of business and dissuade another supermarket chain from moving in. The consequence, contrary to the spokesdroid's statement, is that I'm likely to be forced to shop further afield to find stores I'd choose to use.

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