Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Needlessly mixing in cars and HGVs on a Cycling Superhighway

There's a nicely segregated bus lane come Cycling Superhighway 7, just after the junction of Kennington Park Road and Kennington Lane, as you approach the turnoff from the thundering A roads into calm Churchyard Row to avoid the upcoming E&C gyratory.

Suddenly other vehicles, especially those driven by impatient drivers, start to cut into the lane:
 Check the signage and you'll see they're allowed in - the bus lane and cycle superhighway is suddenly only in place between 7 and 10am Monday to Friday. Given the tiny distance between the segregated area and the Churchyard Road turn-off the question has to be asked - why is the Bus Lane come Cycling Superhighway not 24/7 for these few metres? Is smoothing the motor traffic flow more important to TfL than avoiding cyclist/motorist interaction here?