Friday, 28 May 2010

We've had our first ride!

Okay, so we only had two lads from Lilian Baylis - but they had a fantastic time riding the Herne Hill track, thanks to Judith, our instructor, who introduced us all to fixed-gear riding with feet strapped to the pedals! It's quite daunting getting going knowing that if you stop you're falling over and the surface is like very coarse sand-paper.

We're all keen to have another go on the track and I'm sure out next ride down there will be packed out.

We had a fast ride down from Kennington, through Brixton. As I hoped would happen, one of the boys said, "Wow, is this all the time it takes to cycle to Brixton?". A good chance to show on the map where else was within a comfortable 20 minute cycle ride.