Tuesday 30 March 2010

Theft at second Dr Bike day at LBTS

A few more bikes brought in today - though rain in the morning put off a few probably.
A couple of members of staff brought their bikes to us and left them with us as the pupils had. Come 3pm several pupils arrived to collect their bikes and shortly afterwards a teacher who discovers his bike is no longer there. Someone's had the brass neck to pick up a bike that isn't theirs - we think the culprit was with a pupil and presumably was one himself. Hopefully CCTV as the school will pick them up and the bike'll come back. Maybe peer / teacher pressure too?

Lessons learnt:
1. Running a Dr Bike type of event we need to use raffle tickets - one on bike; one to pupil and collect only against raffle ticket. And lock bikes up that aren't being worked on at that moment.
2. Pupils may be unwilling to bring bikes to school if there's a fairly strong likelihood of theft by other pupils. Certainly there's more need for decent locks and use of them by the student (and staff) body.

One of the intents of these days was to get closer to the pupils; gain an understanding of the quality of bikes and determine some of the issues that we may need to resolve. So, it's certainly helped this to some degree!

On a more positive note we had more pupils coming up saying they hadn't brought their bike in but were really interested in the next opportunity.

We'll need to make sure that the staff member gets his bike replaced with an equivalent if it doesn't come back in the next day or two.

Monday 29 March 2010

Dr Bike at LBTS

Pim Jones did sterling work today as we worked out way through about 14 bikes, replacing brake cables; mending punctures; adjusting brake pad alignment. Most of the bikes in fairly poor condition (missing entire brakes mechanisms; wrong diameter seat post; derailleur missing etc.). Sian Kennedy from the staff commented that she hadn't seen so many bikes in the bike stands previously. I can't wait for survey results!

A positive management group meeting and we've agreed the first rides for after the Easter holidays. LBTS pupils are presenting to pupils at Crampton School on Wednesday and aiming to recruit more people to steering committee.

Sunday 28 March 2010

VNEB OAPF response submitted!

I'm not going to post the whole thing here. Suffice to say that Lambeth Cyclists demand that cycling is nurtured from the outset including Cycling Superhighway un Nine Elms Lane; Mayors Cycle Hire scheme rolled out rapidly; 100% of children getting level 2 bikeability before leaving primary school etc.

Saturday 27 March 2010

Over the Fence Guerilla & Community Gdns tour

About 25 people on the bike tour I led around Kennington today looking at existing, emerging and potential guerilla and community garden sites. Talking to people en-route and at the Oval Farmers' Market at the end, everyone seemed to have had a good time. At least a couple of people had got their bike out of winter hibernation for the ride so a good result there too! And I got to point out some infrastucture failings for cyclists locally and plug the new Pedal Power initiative. All good.
Here's a photo shortly before setting off and before a final batch of people arrived!
We didn't manage to do all the places I'd lined up so will have to organise another ride to the E&C part.

Friday 26 March 2010

Finally...drafted the VNEB OAPF response

The Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area Planning Framework has been out for consultation. I've been meaning to comment for ages...the deadline is Monday at 5pm. This morning I drafted the response and posted it to Lambeth Cyclists committee. Useful amendments from Clare Neely already.

'Over the Fence' cycle tour of Guerilla Gardens

and Community Gardens in North Lambeth.

I'm leading this on Saturday morning. Half prepared currently. Busy day coming up I feel!

Blog is up and running and up to date

That's been an evening!

Ola Lawal

A good chat on the phone with local cycling instructor and Dr Bike Ola Lawal today. Fixed to meet him next Thursday - looking forward to it.

Cycle lane obstructions locally

Got a couple of photos into Real Cycling - gentle entertainment of a sort:

Thursday 25 March 2010

Lower Marsh design consultation

23 March
Attended a presentation by the four shortlisted designers. None of them showed any cycle parking and general consideration of cycling was poor - for example not resolving the junction with Westminster Bridge Road to make a right turn into Lower Marsh easy or a crossing to Upper Marsh via a Toucan for example. Got a chance to emphasise the growth in cycling and the need for thinking projects through. Lambeth's head of transport was keen to point out the support for cycling and its inclusion at the forefront of changes. Fingers crossed it'll work out in practice.

Vauxhall Walk Local Safety Scheme Consultation

Put in a detailed proposal on behalf of Lambeth Cyclists as well as myself to the council in place of the proposed speed reduction sinusoidal humps. While it's way too long for a blog post...there's some good stuff in it I think so I'm posting it all. Sorry.

We consider that the proposed local safety scheme is inadequate and does not offer best value for money, though we support the aim to reduce motor-traffic speed in this local one-way street. We note that Vauxhall Walk has a fairly low volume of motor-traffic but is used by many cyclists.

We would prefer to see a scheme which addresses additional safety issues. We firmly believe that additional benefits could be obtained for the same expenditure.

Benefits from an alternative scheme, such as we propose below, include:
a) decreasing motor-traffic through reducing rat-running
b) reducing the likelihood of collisions between cyclists and motor-vehicles
c) reducing the likelihood of collisions between cyclists and pedestrians
d) reducing the likelihood of death or severe injury for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers from a collision
e) increasing permeability (ease of getting around) for cyclists, particularly those resident in the neighbourhood
f) reducing speed over a larger area beyond the one street
g) encouraging active travel resulting in fitter, healthier residents and workers
h) supporting the uptake of the new public transport infrastructure being provided
i) reducing motor-traffic speed without imposing many humps for cyclists to ride over

These measures can be achieved without preventing motorists (residential and business) from driving between their base in the neighbourhood and the Distributor ‘A’ roads.

We are sure that the expertise in Lambeth will permit further improvements on the proposal we make below.

Vauxhall Walk is situated in a neighbourhood of local, primarily residential, streets, which is enclosed within four major distributor roads (Albert Embankment, Kennington Lane, Kennington Road and Lambeth Road).

The neighbourhood within these four major roads:
· is partly within Prince’s Ward where half of the households have no car or van and partly within Bishop’s Ward where 68% of households have neither (Census 2001);
· is largely residential with the vast majority of journeys made by foot, cycling or public transport;
· includes two Primary Schools, nursery schools and a children’s centre;
· is within the Congestion Charging Zone;
· is within the Mayor’s Cycle Hire Scheme area, significantly improving public transport;
· has the heavily used London Cycle Network route 3 (LCN 3) from Waterloo - Clapham Common running through it;
· is scheduled to have the Cycle Greenway running through it from between Albert Embankment and Kennington Cross;
· is to be the home of a new Cycle Hub funded by TfL to promote cycling by local school children and the associated community;
· is the base for N. Lambeth and N. Southwark Sports Action Zone at the Lilian Baylis Community Hub;
· is well served by public transport;
· is in part, including Vauxhall Walk, within the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea (VNEB) Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) with plans for an increased density of housing and larger population with low levels of car ownership including car-free developments.
· is within Lambeth where “Road traffic is the primary cause of air pollution” (LIP 2005 – 11)
· has some offices/workshops/other businesses in railway arches and warehouses, focussed on the south-west section near Vauxhall.

Given all the above it is particularly important that suggested measures in this neighbourhood adhere to Lambeth’s Road User Hierarchy as set out in the Local Implementation Plan 2005 –11:

“A guiding feature of Lambeth's on–going and future action on the highway network is the Road User Hierarchy, set out below. This re-balances priorities for action away from the car and towards pedestrians and cyclists.

In considering the management of Lambeth’s road network and the impact of new development, priority will be given to traffic in the following descending order:
• Walking (including mobility impaired persons)
• Cycling
• Buses
• Rail Services
• Motorcycles/Scooters
• Freight Transport
• Cars
Where possible the trend is to reallocate road space in favour of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, but Lambeth will need to work closely with all affected stakeholders to ensure that there is reasonable balance between competing modes.”

At national level, the Department of Health and Department for Transport Active Travel Strategy (Feb 2010) highlights plans to put walking and cycling at the heart of local transport and public health strategies over the next decade. The guiding principles for the strategy are that walking and cycling should be everyday ways of getting around - not just for their own sake but also because of what they can do to improve public health, tackle congestion, reduce carbon emissions and improve the local environment

The Government's top health advisor, says cycling must be increased eightfold to combat the public health crisis caused by designing cities around motor vehicles On the state of public health: Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2009 (March 2010)
In the annual report Donaldson despairs over the low levels of physical activity in Britain. In particular, he calls for our transport infrastructure to be re-designed in order to encourage the levels of walking and cycling in the Netherlands and Denmark.
The report recommends that: "National targets should be set to double travel on foot in England's towns and cities, and to increase travel by bicycle eightfold; transport policy and road design should support the achievement of such gains." (page 63)
The report says: "There would be significant reductions in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and dementia. In London alone, over 55,000 healthy years of life could be saved every year. Travel by bicycle or on foot needs to become the safe, viable, attractive option for a far greater proportion of journeys." (page 60)

The report recognises that: "Lifestyle changes can make a substantial contribution to slowing climate change and can significantly reduce the disease and death that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle - a lifestyle to which the current absolute dominance of motorised transport contributes." (page 60)

The Mayor of London’s Cycle Safety Action Plan (2010) states:
The safety of cycling is a major cause of public concern and is the reason most often given by non-cyclists to explain why they do not intend to take up cycling (27%). Less than a half of Londoners (46%) agree with the statement that “Cycling is a safe way of getting about” and 86% of all Londoners believe that traffic makes people afraid of cycling.

Given the existing and potential level of cycling in the neighbourhood it is worth following the DfT Cycle Infrastructure Design Guidance (http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roads/tpm/ltnotes/ltn208.pdf)
"Hierarchy of Provision":
Consider first
Traffic reduction
Speed reduction
Junction treatment, hazard site treatment, traffic management
Reallocation of carriageway space (e.g. bus lanes, widened nearside lanes, cycle lanes)
Cycle tracks away from roads
Consider last
Conversion of footways/footpaths to shared use cycle tracks for pedestrians and cyclists

Finally, the DfT advice on 20mph limits and zones (Dec 2009 http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roadsafety/speed-limits/) states:

· We want to encourage highway authorities to introduce, over time, 20 mph zones or limits into streets which are primarily residential in nature and into town or city streets where pedestrian and cyclist movements are high, such as around schools, shops, markets, playgrounds and other areas, where these are not part of any major through route.

· We want to make it clearer that highway authorities have flexibility in the use of 20 mph zones and limits, and should apply the option best suited to the local circumstances and that brings most benefits in terms of casualty reductions and wider community benefits.

· We want to draw attention to the initial evidence from the trial of wide area signed-only 20mph limits in Portsmouth, and want to make clear that 20 mph limits over a number of roads may be appropriate elsewhere.

· We are setting out that we will consider the requirements for calming measures in 20 mph zones as part of the DfT’s Traffic Signs Policy Review, which was announced in September 2008. In exceptional cases, the Department could also look at giving special authorisation for the use of 20 mph repeater signs, including with accompanying painted roundels, instead of calming measures, on individual streets with low average speeds within a 20 mph zone. (our emphasis).Decisions will, however, be made on a case by case basis.


Many of the streets, particularly south of Black Prince Road are one-way for all road users. This presumably aims to limit rat-running and also allows greater on-road parking.

While there are clear benefits to local residents from preventing the motor-traffic rat- running, a side effect is that it discourages residents from cycling by not allowing entrance to many roads or facilities without venturing onto the busy A roads (e.g. children can’t cycle by road to Vauxhall City Farm without venturing onto Kennington Lane).

Some cyclists choose to cycle the wrong-way down a street because, for example, it is more pleasant and potentially safer than using the A road and fits their desire line. A clear example is Vauxhall Walk, which is marked on the TfL cycle maps as a ‘route on quieter roads recommended by cyclists’. It acts as a useful link between the Vauxhall Gyratory cycle by-pass and LCN3+ and, although currently one-way southbound, is used by a number of cyclists going northbound.

There is a 30mph speed limit on all roads with the exceptions of Walnut Tree Walk and Fitzalan Street, which are 20mph. This is despite the vast majority of journeys made by residents not being by car and despite recent research showing the success of 20mph in reducing the number killed or seriously injured.

The local streets should not be being used as rat-runs for through traffic as it should be using the Distributor (A) roads. Clearly traffic starting or ending its journey in the neighbourhood needs to be able to reach a Distributor.

From observation, it would appear that Vauxhall Walk is used to some degree as a rat-run with, for example, traffic from Lambeth Road able to enter Lambeth Walk, follow into Newport Street, over Black Prince Road, into Vauxhall Walk and out via Glasshouse Walk to the Albert Embankment.

The other road that is notably used as a rat-run through the neighbourhood and appears to have the greatest amount of speeding (despite speed cushions as they are too narrow and too low to necessitate drivers of many motor vehicles to slow down) is Black Prince Road.

Roads pass through several tunnels under the raised railway lines running north-south on the western side of the neighbourhood. These are high enough to permit most lorries to pass through. The tunnel in Glasshouse Walk which generally provides excellent access to most businesses, as it has over 14’ 6” clearance, is not suitable at times however simply due to a single yellow line which permits parking that compromises that clearance. This leads to lorries using Vauxhall Street as an alternative access route.

Specific to Vauxhall Walk safety we advocate:
a) Installing bollards across Vauxhall Walk to the south of Jonathon Street allowing cyclists to pass through while preventing rat-running by motor vehicles.
b) Making Morgan and Wickham Street ‘no-entry except cyclists’ from Black Prince Road. This allows motor vehicles on all streets and parking locations in the neighbourhood to reach Distributor roads but prevents rat-running through the neighbourhood on the north /south axis.
c) Changing the parking permissions in the tunnel under the railway in Glasshouse Walk to prevent parking on days and times that lorries are permitted to enter/leave the neighbourhood. This ensures that large lorries can reach warehouses etc. in the south of the neighbourhood without needing to come down Vauxhall Walk.
d) Making Vauxhall Walk two-way (for all road users or exclusively for cyclists). It is unlikely that much motor traffic will go northbound. We believe the existing parking can be retained (though consideration may be given to relocating some parking bays to the opposite side of the road). This will mean that cyclists going northbound on Vauxhall Walk will be safer as drivers coming the other way will be expecting opposing traffic. They will also be more likely to slow down/give way to people if they are cycling legally rather than illegally. Pedestrian safety will be increased when crossing the road as they will be more likely to check both ways before crossing due to the street being two-way. Local residents will also feel more confident about cycling in their neighbourhood.
e) Introducing (as planned) a raised crossing to the entrance of the park to enhance the safety of pedestrians crossing from/to the housing opposite.
f) Considering whether one or two sinusoidal humps remain necessary on Glasshouse Walk as shown in the plan.

Within the neighbourhood we also recommend:
a) Amending the one-way street system in the neighbourhood to make all two-way for cyclists. This should also apply to the area of Prince’s Ward to the east of Kennington Road. There should be funding related to the Cycle Hire Scheme for this.
b) Making the whole neighbourhood 20mph, again including the area east of Kennington Road. Preferably this should include Kennington Road since it is residential; a borough road; inside the Congestion Zone; inside the Cycle Hire Scheme area; and within an area where half or more of households don’t have a car/van. Should this not be considered practical, a voluntary agreement to limit speed to 20mph on the road may be agreed by local community-supportive companies - eg Bus companies, Lambeth PCT and Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital Trust, Lambeth and Southwark Council, Police, the Post Office/Royal Mail/Parcelforce, and Pimlico Plumbers etc. This would account for a large amount of the traffic using the road.
c) Looking at ways to reduce the amount of motor traffic using Black Prince Road and its speed. Sinusoidal humps rather than speed cushions will slow speed of all motor traffic. If the Bus Companies, Lambeth Council, police, and NHS vehicles adhere to the 20mph limit then it is more likely that other traffic will also. The local police or PCSOs could help enforce this using speed cameras here, applying penalties in line with the ACPO guidance for a 20mph road which is to issue a fixed penalty notice for speeds of 25pmh or more and to report for summons at speeds of 35mph or more.
d) Encouraging TfL to have Cycling Superhighway 8 from Wandsworth to central London continuing along Nine Elms Lane to the Albert Embankment and Waterloo rather than going over Chelsea Bridge and along the north of the river as they currently plan.

Meeting plan for Mon 29th March

24 March
Jamie came back to my last email with a useful reminder that he is arranging for the LBTS to present the hub at CS and WTW. Also, the need to clarify what is steering group stuff and what is management cttee. Food for thought and helped refine an approach to the pre-end of term meeting. Stuff needs to be decided, but it needs to be decided right - we may not more so fast but together we will move further. So, a second email:

Hi all,

In my email this morning I forgot to include that a questionnaire is being completed at LDTS and that Jamie is arranging sessions next week for the LBTS pupils to present the idea to, and listen to feedback from, WTW and CS pupils. CS is likely to be Tuesday pm.

Kieran can only make Monday; Misha, Charlie and Sian can make either; Jeremy is able on either day to see end of the day with Dr Bike, or presumably join the meeting potentially.

I suggest therefore we agree on Monday at 3.30pm.

Below are some ideas I have re the meeting - please feel free to challenge/propose alternatives etc. You'll sense that I'm keen to keep the momentum going!

The range of actions I listed that need discussing re the building; rides and building community involvement are a mix of Management Cttee and Steering Group items. With the Easter holidays upon us I propose we split the meeting into two halves, though I suggest that those attending the steering group may stay for the management cttee if they wish to contribute to items there:

Steering Group (3.30 - 4.00)

RIDES (10mins): decide initial 'test' rides for just after Easter holidays; Decide who those rides are for - ages, secondary and/or primary, pupils plus ride marshalls or family invited too etc. work out how to publicise rides and how people sign up for them; Get ideas on how to recruit volunteer ride marshalls

BUILDING (10mins): Discuss ideas re how to use the space; when are key times for pupils; how to improve it; what sort of people would be good to get to help pupils fix bikes etc.; Getting bikes from police and fixing them up with/for community.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION (10mins): Who is the community that Pedal Power is for; what do we want to say, when and how? Prospective additional Steering Group members to approach; Fix date of next Steering group meeting.

Management Cttee (4.00 - 4.30)

RIDES (10 mins) : issue of permissions, rules, insurance; competency of pupils to ride on road (none of the LBTS year surveyed so far have had any formal on-road training); ; marshall training.

BUILDING (10 mins): Service Level Agreement (SLA) - rental agreeement - if it comes through by then but decide if agree on principal points; Insurance; Staff and volunteer recruitment; managing space (child protection; H&S; security)

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT (5 mins): anything not covered in Steering Group

FINANCE (5 mins)


Uh oh, nearly the end of term!

24th March - time to sort out a meet before term ends, so email out:

Quick update and suggested areas to talk about when we meet are below. Suggested times and dates are:

Mon 29 or Tue 30 at 3.30pm at LBTS; Alternatively I can do anytime Monday or Tuesday; Wed am; Thur anytime (or Tue 6th if early school holidays is better?). Can people please reply quickly re Mon or Tue 3.30pm or can LBTS propose an alternative.

BIKE SPACE AT LBCH: The pupils have chosen the name Pedal Power for the project; they've seen the space and think it's great; the terms suggested by the SAZ should fit within budget dependent on stud wall to section off space (from Sheila: Rental space will be £400 per calendar month incl VAT and includes auxiliary bills as outlined. The bills are divided up on a shared basis I believe, but I will confirm this Sonia. Repairs and maintenance will be covered by you. If you do require additional outside space there is also an additional charge as often the space is pre-booked by partners and other organizations in advance. You will have to make good the space, including sectioning off the space as discussed, in addition general maintenance of the will also be your responsibility, as you noted you may want to consider putting up appropriate security measures. All Hub partners and key staff will receive an ID to gain entry to the space. We will go course need to discuss the detail around how children and young people enter the site, I am in favour of them dismounting before the entre for health and Safety reason, again, this will come out the formal discussion.); There's heat, light, power and water in the space (toilets elsewhere run by SAZ); A stud wall needs to be erected to divide our space from another (SAZ to arrange) but it shouldn't take long; we'll need to arrange some work to fit it out and enhance security etc (budgeted for); I've asked for proposed licence agreement to be sent through by SAZ.

We need to formally agree intent to rent; discuss protocol on use and likely programme; determine how to recruit and appoint youth-friendly bike mechanics/instructors.

EVENTS: We've arranged 'Dr Bike' (bike check and adjustments/minor repairs) to go into LBTS next Monday and Tuesday; he'll also work on a couple of pool bikes for WTW; draft rides diary is attached to start after the Easter holidays and Lambeth Transport Police are up for helping with some marshalling on some rides.

We need to discuss proposed rides; who rides are for - ages, secondary and/or primary, pupils plus ride marshalls or family invited too etc.) ; issue of permissions, rules, insurance; competency of pupils to ride on road (none of the LBTS year surveyed so far have had any formal on-road training); work out how to publicise rides and how people sign up for them; how to recruit volunteer ride marshalls and when to provide training for them.

COMMUNICATION AND THE WIDER COMMUNITY: We need to make sure we let people know what's happening and what's planned, without raising expectations unrealistically, and seek further support (eg volunteers to help with rides or assist mechanic in Pedal Power; further funding etc.); and consider whether to bring others onto the steering group at this stage.

OTHER NEWS: more cycle parking is going into WTW

Staff questionnaire

Sun 21 March
The staff are role models one way or another for the pupils. Do they cycle to work?
The questionnaire for the pupils has been amended for the staff. Be interesting to see the results. Will it just be handed to teachers or to admin and catering staff too for example?

Cycle parking WTW and LBCH

Discussion continues about more cycle parking at WTW. Still uncertainly about where to put them so we're back to toast racks being requested of the council. Leaves the question of where to put the sheffield stands that have been reclaimed by Misha from elseshere in Lambeth and are at risk of being scrapped. Luckily LBCH are happy to take them and store them in the Pedal Power space while they find out whether the listed status of the building means they can't be put up or not!

Dr Bike will be going into LBTS

22 March
We're en-route with the baseline questionnaires so we can arrange the first real activity - Dr Bikes on 29 and 30 just before the end of term at LBTS so the bikes are out for the Easter holidays. It will also give us more of an idea of what shape the bikes are in and whether pupils (and staff!) will bring their bikes in to school.

Questionnaires going out

19th March
First class did questionnaires. Gathered them in to determine if any tweaks are needed. Decided on a couple - one of which is to ask whether the pupils have ever cycled across to the other side of the Thames. Can't wait to get the results.

None of the first class have had on-road cycle training. I wonder if this will be the norm?

Will CPZ change permit cycling?

Email to LBL engineer re CPZ review in Wincott Street:

I am just checking whether the CPZ review is incorporating the cycle-friendly changes I proposed (below) and that you were going to check through with Richard Ambler should he not have contacted you within the necessary time frame?

I note that the Government's top health advisor, says cycling must be increased eightfold to combat the public health crisis caused by designing cities around motor vehicles On the state of public health: Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2009 (March 2010)

In the annual report Donaldson despairs over the low levels of physical activity in Britain . In particular, he calls for our transport infrastructure to be re-designed in order to encourage the levels of walking and cycling in the Netherlands and Denmark.
The report recommends that: "National targets should be set to double travel on foot in England's towns and cities, and to increase travel by bicycle eightfold; transport policy and road design should support the achievement of such gains." (page 63)
The report says: "There would be significant reductions in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and dementia. In London alone, over 55,000 healthy years of life could be saved every year. Travel by bicycle or on foot needs to become the safe, viable, attractive option for a far greater proportion of journeys." (page 60)

The Pedal Power Space

Thu 18 March
The students and staff at LBTS and Citizens Schools plus Jimmy and Leonardo from New Generation saw the space and reckon it's great.

Plus the students have chosen a great name: Pedal Power

Let it roll on!

Opposition to 8 Albert Embank't planning app'n

Meanwhile in the locality, I sent off this objection re a planned mega development in Prince's Ward:
pplication Number:

8 Albert Embankment And Land To Rear Bounded By Lambeth High St,
Whitgift St, The
Railway Viaduct, Southbank Hse Together With Land Corner Of Black Prince
Rd And Newport St

Submission Type:
Customer objects to the Planning Application.

The proposed volume of car parking is unacceptably high. The development
should at most have some
disabled parking and car club spaces.
As noted in the transport assessment there are excellent local
facilities easily accessible by foot
or cycle and the entire City of London is within 20 minutes cycle
distance. Many rail termini are
The area has very low existing car ownership and, falling within the
VNEB OAPF should have lower in
the future due to the increased density of housing and need to reduce
CO2 and pollution.The most
recent version of the VNEB OAPF proposes a maximum 0.25 cars per home.

Given the very central location this is higher than this development

There is no mention of the Mayor's Cycle Hire Scheme area, significantly
improving public transport
in this area, or of car clubs which provide a suitable alternative to
private motor car ownership.
There is also no mention of the proposed Cycle Greenway starting next
door to the development.

Additionally TfL are considering running Cycling Superhighway 8 to run
along the Albert Embankment
to benefit the OAPF area.
The transport report notes that several local developments are car free.

The cycle parking spaces appear very cramped. The cycle garage under
block A, B, C has only one
doorway for all the bikes and all bike parking is at double height. I
would expect to see more
space provided, across several stores not just one, with many more than
9 spaces on the ground
floor to facilitate ease of use. In D, E, F one store for 100 bikes is
very cramped. A reduction is
car parking would make more spacious and simple to use cycle parking
easily possible and allow for
cargo bikes and cycle trailers to be stored too. I would expect to see
space for communal cargo
bikes for supermarkete shopping. I could not work out the ramp system to
the basement cycle
parking. I am concerned the current plan may not facilitate quick and
easy access.

While I appreciate that the lift may inconvenience drivers I am not
persuaded that this will be
sufficient to discourage car use in favour of more active travel.

While the cycle parking complies with the minimum level in the London
Plan I would expect cycle use
to be higher in this area and therefore propose a minimum of two cycle
parking spaces per flat.
There are insufficient cycle parking space for office use and for
residential / retail use.
S106 money should provide additional cycle hire points in the vicinity
of the building.

Hooray, offered a space!!

(The students could't make the meeting because they were meeting Gordon Brown!)

Hi All,

A good meeting today with Brian Dickens and Sheila Kelly at LB Community Hub (old LB site) and they have proposed a space for the workshop that I think is pretty much ideal (though it'll need a little work to get into a first rate state). They're going to give a quote on rental etc.

We need to arrange to see the space and to work out how best to get the space up and running in a well-managed and programmed, popular and inclusive way.

I think that trying to see the space and talk though what needs to happen would make sense?

To this end, could you let me know on which of the following dates (if any) you could attend a meeting there at 3.30/3.45 for 30/40 minutes.

Thu 18 March

Mon 22 March

Wed 24 March

(also, just to let you know, a questionnaire has been drarted and is about to got all LB pupils,

All the best for now,

Charlie Holland

Sally emailed Ted ....

Thur 11 March
and copied in Cllr Rachel Heywood

and replies came back from Ted Inman and Cllr Rachel Heywood and Brian Dickens, Director of the Sports Action Zone who run the Community Hub.

A meeting was arranged for Monday to view a potential space.
I met the pupils today with Karen, Sian and Jeremy and we talked about potential ride locations: Chelsea Football club and the top of the Gherkin were top destinations in the pupils view. Luckily a friend of Karen's works at the Gherkin so we might be able to take five pupils to the top!

Email to Cllr Prentice

Hi Sally,

Thanks for suggesting that you bring up the Cycle Hub idea with Ted Inman of SBEG on Thursday. We are very interested in exploring avenues for development with SBEG (and, incidentally but related, look forward very much to seeing their draft cycle policy).

Please find attached a synopsis of the funding bid to Transport for London made by Lambeth's School Travel Plan Manager off a draft that I wrote following a meeting I had where pupils and staff of Lilian Baylis School, working with Citizen Schools, who initiated the community cycle hub project. As noted in the latest Lambeth Life, there was only one grant of £30,000 for inner London boroughs and Lambeth's bid in partnership with Southwark for this N.Lambeth/N. Southwark bid was successful.

We think that the Lilian Baylis Community Hub would form the perfect hub for the inter-generational, youth initiated community project. We have been working with the SAZ General Manager, Sheila Kelly, to try to identify a potential space for a cycle maintenance workshop and related activities there over the past month, thus far without success.

My email from earlier this evening to Sheila suggesting a meeting is below and I would hope that by Thursday this week a meeting will have been arranged.

Many thanks again,

Charlie Holland

No news yet on space at Lil Baylis Comm'y Hub

Monday 8th March
I sent an email to Sheila Kelly requesting meeting:

Hi Sheila,

Plans are developing re the Cycle Hub in Kennington that we have secured funding for from Transport for London. When we spoke last Monday you believed that there was no space available at the Lilian Baylis Community Hub but you were going to re-check potential site availability and report back by the end of last week.

I think it would be a great idea if members of the project could come and meet with the Sports Action Zone and see what we can do together. We are now getting unsolicited interest in this project from quarters as different at Change4Life and London Transport Police, Lambeth. Given that Transport for London are very interested in this project potentially offering a model for others to follow this is great news.

Activities and events are being lined up as we speak - in fact students from the three initial schools competed in Static Roller Racing at Crampton School last week.

Clearly cycling as a form of active travel and a sport offers great synergy with the Sports Action Zone and, as a local and locally-initiated project we feel sure that we can have a constructive relationship.

I suspect that meetings to start around 3.45/4pm will probably work best for our members so I wonder if you could propose two or three dates within the next fortnight?

Many thanks,

Charlie Holland

Then in the evening I attended the Lambeth Green Champions award presentation (the Onion Shed has a grant, including support for a gardens cycle ride!) and met Cllr Sally Prentice (Lab), Cabinet Member for Environment, and we spoke about the project and old LB site. Cllr Sally Prentice says she’s meeting Ted Inman, the CEO of the influential South Bank Employers Group, on Thursday and will raise with him if she has info.

We need a baseline questionnaire

Sun 7th March
We're getting closer to actions happening but we need to have some baseline data. Misha has sent me the Lambeth STP secondary survey. I rewrite it as I want much more specific cycling information and I also want to avoid the negatives you find in these questionnaires (So you want to cycle - Are you scared to death of traffic? If you hadn't thought of that, you have now! Oh, you're less keen on cycling now...)

Writing up a blog and TfL record

Sat 6th March
on paper. Set this up later!

Apply to Sports Relief Community Fund

Thu 4th March
I wrote a quick fundraising application by WTW PTFA for Sport Relief Community fund for 3 rail and cycle family day trips in summer holidays. Fund is for £500 to £1000.

It'll be great if we get it. I'm nervous however that I haven't given enough demographic information and value of the scheme as a way of promoting family cycling as well as being a fun event.

Change4LIfe and Transport Police keen on project

Rollapaluza at Crampton a hit with pupils

Wednesday 3rd March
Cain, Nazir and Jason from LBTS, accompanied by Jeremy Drinkell (school champion), and
Connor (Yr 5) and Jarell (Yr 6) from WTW, accompanied by Caroline Palmer (cycling gardener), join in Rollapaluza with Yr 6 at CS.

They had a great time. Definite interest in having it at WTW and maybe as a hub event.

Meanwhile, I'm talking with Jamie to work out a strategy for getting a space.

Meeting Jimmy from New Generation


Tuesday 2nd March
I met Jimmy from New Generation to find out more about them and their plans. They are involved in a Recycle project in Brixton and hope to get premises there. I suggest NG check whether they can get involved in running some cycle maintenance sessions in schools pending a Kennington site being obtained. Jimmy will discuss with NG colleagues.

In the evening I attend a Southwark Cyclists Rides Planning meet, informs Barry Mason, Coordinator of Southwark Cyclists about developments. Barry talks about plan for a Cycle Heaven at Burgess Park.

Article in Lambeth Life, magazine of Lambeth Council

p18, 1st March
Cash for schools bike scheme

PUPILS at a Lambeth secondary school will be
encouraging younger children to get on their
bikes in an innovative scheme to be launched
later this year.
Lilian Baylis Technology School students
will be working with pupils from primary
schools in the Kennington area at a newly created
cycle hub. The idea has won £30,000 in
backing from Transport for London and is one
of only two projects in London to win funding.
Misha Byrne, Lambeth Council’s school
travel plans manager, helped put the funding
bid together. She said: “We worked with a
school’s champion from Walnut Tree Walk
Primary School to develop the bid and the
plans to create a cycle hub at Lilian Baylis. The
students at the secondary school will be running
the hub and working with pupils from
local feeder schools. It is all about making
cycling enjoyable and safe.”
As well as providing cycle training to
younger children the Lilian Baylis students will
also be helping refurbish bikes. Misha said:
“Part of the project will see children repair
them and get them back into use. The bikes can
then either be used as pool bikes for any of the
children or they could be given to an individual
who has put in a certain amount of time.”

Aargh, no space at Lilian Baylis Community Hub?

Mon 1st March
I had a phone conversation with Sheila Kelly at SAZ who reports that there is no space at old LB site. Following conversation Sheila suggests she’ll have another check and report back by the end of the week.

Crampton School come on board

Fri 26th Feb
I met Robin Martin at Crampton School – agrees to come on board the project as long as doesn't involve loads of committee/meeting time but up for events. They've got an after-school bike repair club about to get under way and have been a Bike It school. Excitingly they've got Rollapaluza roller racing coming and he invites two pupils each from LBTS and WTW to attend.

Sat 27th Feb
I sent invitations/suggested arrangements out re LBTS/WTW attending Rollapaluza

Sun 28th Feb
More Ride planning - trying to find places and events that teenagers will really want to go to.

Minutes of meeting, Wed 24th Feb

Cycle Hub Project – Minutes
Date: 24/02/10 Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Lilian Baylis Technology School (Library)

Present: Charlie Holland, Caine Warwick (students yr 8), Nasir Abdi (student yr 8), Jamie Audsley (London Citizens), Caroline Brown (Lambeth Mission), Ann Bodkin (The Onion Shed), Jeremy Drinkall (LSA @ LBTS), Ellie Martin-Preston (parent of yr 9 student and part of London Citizens), Sian Kennedy (Humanities teacher & subject leader), Kieran Taylor (Southwark STP), Sue Sheehan (Lambeth Green Community Officer), Karen Chamberlain (Assistant Head @ LBTS), Gary Philips (Head teacher)

Apologies: Misha Byrne (Lambeth STP)

1. TFL bid & outcome. Lambeth School Travel Plan (STP) Dept has been awarded a £30,000 grant from TFL for the joint bid with Southwark STP Dept to develop the community cycle hub project. The funding is for initial set up costs of a space for bicycle maintenance; employing mechanics for a period of time; a series of guided rides/events; further fundraising and providing a toolkit for others interested in setting up a similar project. Gary advised of potential link with Brompton bikes.
2. Project management: Initial schools to be involved are Lilian Baylis and Walnut Tree Walk Primary School (WTW) with Crampton Primary to be invited. WTW will hold and spend funds as authorised by Misha Byrne to ensure accordance with TfL funding conditions. The project will be coordinated by Charlie and run by a 2 level committee
a. A Management Committee with a staff or nominated representative from each school involved in the project, plus Kieran and Misha as appropriate. This will oversee H&S, child protection, finance and legal issues.
b. A Steering Committee made up of Champions from the schools (pupils and adult) and from the wider community to ensure community involvement and engagement with the project and that it meets the needs of existing and aspiring cyclists. The committee will propose, help develop and monitor activities.
3. Site of cycle hub: There has been an initial approach to Sheila Kelly of SAZ (managing old Lilian Baylis site) who is working to identify a potential location. She has concerns over health and safety of the site re motor traffic.
4. Next steps:
Site: Charlie to check on progress with Sheila, with a view to a meeting on the site to be also attended by Gary Philips, LBTS Champion and students involved in the project.
Crampton School: Charlie to talk to Robin/the Head about being the third initial school.
Survey: A baseline survey to be undertaken at LBTS and potentially the other two schools. Misha to provide suggested questions; Charlie to input and Karen to arrange at LBTS.
Name: Cain and Nasir to research names for the hub with other pupils.
Activities: Aim to start asap to take advantage of Spring and Summer
Recording project progress: Karen and Jamie to liaise re setting up a blog.

Prep for Wed 24th Meeting

Largely a similar agenda to the previous week's pre-meet - as the first meet was in half-term there were no pupils there and we need to make sure they're fully involved.

Article on Citizen Schools blogspot 21st Feb

21st Feb
Article on Citizen Schools blogspot

Lilian Baylis secure £30,000 for their Citizen Schools bike project!

Amazing news from south of the river... Lilian Baylis Technology School have been awarded £30,000 of TfL funding to turn its Citizen Schools community bicycle idea into a reality!

It all began with students creating ideas for change during the Autumn term, where they focused on trying to improve local bike facilities. And it shows the importance of London Citizens borough organisers to schools' succeeding in getting community backing - Jamie Audsley, borough organiser for Lambeth, brought Lilian Baylis together with local cycling activist and London Cycling Campaign member Charlie Holland, and the rest is now history.

Students, parents, the school and its local community will now come together as a steering action team to set up the Cycle Hub (a place where young people and the local community can go for bike riding & maintenance workshops), increase the number of community rides, and build a successful model other London boroughs will want to emulate.

Next step for the school is building the team - recruiting an alliance of school, student, parent and community constituencies, and then negotiating the site for the cycling hub... the site of the old Lilian Baylis school is target number one!

Congratulations to all involved with the project - particularly the student team, assistant head Karen Chamberlain, humanities teacher Sian Williams and the parent team at Lilian Baylis School, and Charlie Holland for bringing it all together to get such a result.

The bid was successful!

While we were waiting to hear whether the bid was successful, planning for a hub went on anyway.

Sun 7th Feb
Karen Chamberlain, LB Ass’t Head, arranged a planning meeting for Wed 24th Feb.

Wed 10th Feb
Ann spoke with Sheila Kelly, General Manager of Sports Action Zone @ Lillian Baylis Community Hub (on the old Lilian Baylis school site) who agrees to talk to the site manager to try to locate a space for the bike project.

Wed 10th February
Misha and I were invited to TfL

Thursday 11th February
We met TfL who told us our bid was the winning one!!! Misha asked me to lead on meeting the objectives set out in the bid. TfL emphasise the importance of recording the process and providing a toolkit for other boroughs. Modal shift towards cycling is a key intent for TfL.

Friday 12th February
We fixed a Cycle Hub Meeting for Wed 17th and I drafted an agenda:
Wed 17 Feb at 1.30pm at Lilian Baylis School


“To nurture young people and the local community of North Lambeth and North Southwark to choose the bike as a preferred and regular method of everyday transport (to/from school/college/work; shops; leisure locations) through:
a) Setting up a place where young people and the local community can go to learn how to ride properly, learn how to repair bikes, get bike stuff cheaply and have fun while doing it.
b) Providing rides and other cycling events
c) Creating a model for others to link to, emulate and build on.”

Determine commitment/concerns of stakeholders
Misha Byrne - Lambeth STP Mgr
Keiran Taylor - Southwark STP Mgr
Karen Chamberlain / Sian Kennedy Lilian Baylis School staff member(s)
Jamie Audsley – Citizen Schools
Charlie Holland
Pupil representation?
SAZ/PCT/Walnut Tree Walk Primary/SNT/Councillors?

Allocation of responsibility and roles
Allocation of budget

Baseline Survey
Setting up a blog to record progress

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy
Identity Proof and CRB of freelance individuals
Agree Photographic Policy (so can take photos at next meeting)
Determine whether to adapt Pro-London Central London toolkit


Determine approach to get the best and most affordable outcome from Lilian Baylis old site

Discuss person spec’n; job/freelance description and recruitment process

Recruiting volunteer marshals

Likely funding needs, donors and organisations to bid through

CTC Bike Club with ContinYou and UK Youth?


Saturday 13th February
I started to research possible rides and investigated the new CTC Bike Club scheme.

Getting started

To go back a couple of months,

Thu 14th Jan
A local resident, Ann Bodkin, who I've been working with on setting up the Onion Shed, a local one-planet living initiative, told me that she had heard Lilian Baylis School want to do a bike project. It had emerged from the school’s involvement with Citizen Schools and they were looking for people to get involved and attend a meeting on Monday 18th in Blackheath.

Mon 18th Jan
During the day I spoke to Misha Byrne, Lambeth School Travel Plan Manager, who told me that she has succeeded in persuading Kennington Police Station to provide bikes to Walnut Tree Walk school where I'm a governor and trying to develop cycling. I mentioned the Blackheath meeting and Misha asked to be told how it went. That evening I went to the Citizen Schools meeting at a school in Blackheath and met several students and a couple of teachers of Lilian Baylis and found out their desire to have a bike hub. I was impressed by their enthusiasm.

Tue 19th Jan
I spoke about the meeting with Misha who told me she'd just had the offer to tender for a grant from TfL for £30,000. Only one inner London borough would be successful but the bid had to be in by that Friday at noon! We agreed I'd draft a bid and send it to her to tweak.

The criteria were:

· Development of a secondary schools project which works in schools in deprived areas to improve access to cycles and provide relevant training (with a view to increase levels of cycling)


The project should be designed with the following specific deliverables in mind.

· Get the buy-in from 2 or 3 secondary schools – that are within close proximity to each other, in an area of poor deprivation where access to bikes is low

· Target schools where overcrowding on buses is an issue

· Improve access to bikes – you could seek to acquire bikes from a range of sources - or part fund some bikes and equipment from the funds of this project – but other methods of acquiring bikes and equipment needs to be explored (for example you could approach any cycle recycling charities, the local police etc)

· Provide the schools with the necessary tools to establish a bike club – to include training and maintenance as a minimum. The club could also include other ideas – such as sponsored bike rides, bike marshals, school trips and parent/teacher training

· Ensure the school is able to run the club independently after the launch of the project

· Provide some monitoring and evaluation of the project detailing results and recommendations

I wrote a bid, incorporating some local and relevant information I'd been gathering for a while with the intention of getting a project of this manner off the ground in Kennington. I'd just started researching the local ward in detail as part of a project funded by the Vodafone Foundation to research on Ward Auditing Methodology with the London Cycling Campaign so I had some useful facts and figures to put in.

Misha and I batted it backwards and forwards for a couple of days and submitted the bid on Friday 22nd January in the morning.