Thursday 25 March 2010

Meeting plan for Mon 29th March

24 March
Jamie came back to my last email with a useful reminder that he is arranging for the LBTS to present the hub at CS and WTW. Also, the need to clarify what is steering group stuff and what is management cttee. Food for thought and helped refine an approach to the pre-end of term meeting. Stuff needs to be decided, but it needs to be decided right - we may not more so fast but together we will move further. So, a second email:

Hi all,

In my email this morning I forgot to include that a questionnaire is being completed at LDTS and that Jamie is arranging sessions next week for the LBTS pupils to present the idea to, and listen to feedback from, WTW and CS pupils. CS is likely to be Tuesday pm.

Kieran can only make Monday; Misha, Charlie and Sian can make either; Jeremy is able on either day to see end of the day with Dr Bike, or presumably join the meeting potentially.

I suggest therefore we agree on Monday at 3.30pm.

Below are some ideas I have re the meeting - please feel free to challenge/propose alternatives etc. You'll sense that I'm keen to keep the momentum going!

The range of actions I listed that need discussing re the building; rides and building community involvement are a mix of Management Cttee and Steering Group items. With the Easter holidays upon us I propose we split the meeting into two halves, though I suggest that those attending the steering group may stay for the management cttee if they wish to contribute to items there:

Steering Group (3.30 - 4.00)

RIDES (10mins): decide initial 'test' rides for just after Easter holidays; Decide who those rides are for - ages, secondary and/or primary, pupils plus ride marshalls or family invited too etc. work out how to publicise rides and how people sign up for them; Get ideas on how to recruit volunteer ride marshalls

BUILDING (10mins): Discuss ideas re how to use the space; when are key times for pupils; how to improve it; what sort of people would be good to get to help pupils fix bikes etc.; Getting bikes from police and fixing them up with/for community.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION (10mins): Who is the community that Pedal Power is for; what do we want to say, when and how? Prospective additional Steering Group members to approach; Fix date of next Steering group meeting.

Management Cttee (4.00 - 4.30)

RIDES (10 mins) : issue of permissions, rules, insurance; competency of pupils to ride on road (none of the LBTS year surveyed so far have had any formal on-road training); ; marshall training.

BUILDING (10 mins): Service Level Agreement (SLA) - rental agreeement - if it comes through by then but decide if agree on principal points; Insurance; Staff and volunteer recruitment; managing space (child protection; H&S; security)

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT (5 mins): anything not covered in Steering Group

FINANCE (5 mins)