Thursday 25 March 2010

Minutes of meeting, Wed 24th Feb

Cycle Hub Project – Minutes
Date: 24/02/10 Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Lilian Baylis Technology School (Library)

Present: Charlie Holland, Caine Warwick (students yr 8), Nasir Abdi (student yr 8), Jamie Audsley (London Citizens), Caroline Brown (Lambeth Mission), Ann Bodkin (The Onion Shed), Jeremy Drinkall (LSA @ LBTS), Ellie Martin-Preston (parent of yr 9 student and part of London Citizens), Sian Kennedy (Humanities teacher & subject leader), Kieran Taylor (Southwark STP), Sue Sheehan (Lambeth Green Community Officer), Karen Chamberlain (Assistant Head @ LBTS), Gary Philips (Head teacher)

Apologies: Misha Byrne (Lambeth STP)

1. TFL bid & outcome. Lambeth School Travel Plan (STP) Dept has been awarded a £30,000 grant from TFL for the joint bid with Southwark STP Dept to develop the community cycle hub project. The funding is for initial set up costs of a space for bicycle maintenance; employing mechanics for a period of time; a series of guided rides/events; further fundraising and providing a toolkit for others interested in setting up a similar project. Gary advised of potential link with Brompton bikes.
2. Project management: Initial schools to be involved are Lilian Baylis and Walnut Tree Walk Primary School (WTW) with Crampton Primary to be invited. WTW will hold and spend funds as authorised by Misha Byrne to ensure accordance with TfL funding conditions. The project will be coordinated by Charlie and run by a 2 level committee
a. A Management Committee with a staff or nominated representative from each school involved in the project, plus Kieran and Misha as appropriate. This will oversee H&S, child protection, finance and legal issues.
b. A Steering Committee made up of Champions from the schools (pupils and adult) and from the wider community to ensure community involvement and engagement with the project and that it meets the needs of existing and aspiring cyclists. The committee will propose, help develop and monitor activities.
3. Site of cycle hub: There has been an initial approach to Sheila Kelly of SAZ (managing old Lilian Baylis site) who is working to identify a potential location. She has concerns over health and safety of the site re motor traffic.
4. Next steps:
Site: Charlie to check on progress with Sheila, with a view to a meeting on the site to be also attended by Gary Philips, LBTS Champion and students involved in the project.
Crampton School: Charlie to talk to Robin/the Head about being the third initial school.
Survey: A baseline survey to be undertaken at LBTS and potentially the other two schools. Misha to provide suggested questions; Charlie to input and Karen to arrange at LBTS.
Name: Cain and Nasir to research names for the hub with other pupils.
Activities: Aim to start asap to take advantage of Spring and Summer
Recording project progress: Karen and Jamie to liaise re setting up a blog.