Thursday 25 March 2010

Email to Cllr Prentice

Hi Sally,

Thanks for suggesting that you bring up the Cycle Hub idea with Ted Inman of SBEG on Thursday. We are very interested in exploring avenues for development with SBEG (and, incidentally but related, look forward very much to seeing their draft cycle policy).

Please find attached a synopsis of the funding bid to Transport for London made by Lambeth's School Travel Plan Manager off a draft that I wrote following a meeting I had where pupils and staff of Lilian Baylis School, working with Citizen Schools, who initiated the community cycle hub project. As noted in the latest Lambeth Life, there was only one grant of £30,000 for inner London boroughs and Lambeth's bid in partnership with Southwark for this N.Lambeth/N. Southwark bid was successful.

We think that the Lilian Baylis Community Hub would form the perfect hub for the inter-generational, youth initiated community project. We have been working with the SAZ General Manager, Sheila Kelly, to try to identify a potential space for a cycle maintenance workshop and related activities there over the past month, thus far without success.

My email from earlier this evening to Sheila suggesting a meeting is below and I would hope that by Thursday this week a meeting will have been arranged.

Many thanks again,

Charlie Holland