Thursday 25 March 2010

Uh oh, nearly the end of term!

24th March - time to sort out a meet before term ends, so email out:

Quick update and suggested areas to talk about when we meet are below. Suggested times and dates are:

Mon 29 or Tue 30 at 3.30pm at LBTS; Alternatively I can do anytime Monday or Tuesday; Wed am; Thur anytime (or Tue 6th if early school holidays is better?). Can people please reply quickly re Mon or Tue 3.30pm or can LBTS propose an alternative.

BIKE SPACE AT LBCH: The pupils have chosen the name Pedal Power for the project; they've seen the space and think it's great; the terms suggested by the SAZ should fit within budget dependent on stud wall to section off space (from Sheila: Rental space will be £400 per calendar month incl VAT and includes auxiliary bills as outlined. The bills are divided up on a shared basis I believe, but I will confirm this Sonia. Repairs and maintenance will be covered by you. If you do require additional outside space there is also an additional charge as often the space is pre-booked by partners and other organizations in advance. You will have to make good the space, including sectioning off the space as discussed, in addition general maintenance of the will also be your responsibility, as you noted you may want to consider putting up appropriate security measures. All Hub partners and key staff will receive an ID to gain entry to the space. We will go course need to discuss the detail around how children and young people enter the site, I am in favour of them dismounting before the entre for health and Safety reason, again, this will come out the formal discussion.); There's heat, light, power and water in the space (toilets elsewhere run by SAZ); A stud wall needs to be erected to divide our space from another (SAZ to arrange) but it shouldn't take long; we'll need to arrange some work to fit it out and enhance security etc (budgeted for); I've asked for proposed licence agreement to be sent through by SAZ.

We need to formally agree intent to rent; discuss protocol on use and likely programme; determine how to recruit and appoint youth-friendly bike mechanics/instructors.

EVENTS: We've arranged 'Dr Bike' (bike check and adjustments/minor repairs) to go into LBTS next Monday and Tuesday; he'll also work on a couple of pool bikes for WTW; draft rides diary is attached to start after the Easter holidays and Lambeth Transport Police are up for helping with some marshalling on some rides.

We need to discuss proposed rides; who rides are for - ages, secondary and/or primary, pupils plus ride marshalls or family invited too etc.) ; issue of permissions, rules, insurance; competency of pupils to ride on road (none of the LBTS year surveyed so far have had any formal on-road training); work out how to publicise rides and how people sign up for them; how to recruit volunteer ride marshalls and when to provide training for them.

COMMUNICATION AND THE WIDER COMMUNITY: We need to make sure we let people know what's happening and what's planned, without raising expectations unrealistically, and seek further support (eg volunteers to help with rides or assist mechanic in Pedal Power; further funding etc.); and consider whether to bring others onto the steering group at this stage.

OTHER NEWS: more cycle parking is going into WTW