Thursday 25 March 2010

Article in Lambeth Life, magazine of Lambeth Council

p18, 1st March
Cash for schools bike scheme

PUPILS at a Lambeth secondary school will be
encouraging younger children to get on their
bikes in an innovative scheme to be launched
later this year.
Lilian Baylis Technology School students
will be working with pupils from primary
schools in the Kennington area at a newly created
cycle hub. The idea has won £30,000 in
backing from Transport for London and is one
of only two projects in London to win funding.
Misha Byrne, Lambeth Council’s school
travel plans manager, helped put the funding
bid together. She said: “We worked with a
school’s champion from Walnut Tree Walk
Primary School to develop the bid and the
plans to create a cycle hub at Lilian Baylis. The
students at the secondary school will be running
the hub and working with pupils from
local feeder schools. It is all about making
cycling enjoyable and safe.”
As well as providing cycle training to
younger children the Lilian Baylis students will
also be helping refurbish bikes. Misha said:
“Part of the project will see children repair
them and get them back into use. The bikes can
then either be used as pool bikes for any of the
children or they could be given to an individual
who has put in a certain amount of time.”