Friday, 27 May 2011

Oops, Oh Bollards!

 The AA to the rescue

I wonder whether this driver will be required to have a medical check and driving retest?

I saw this today on Cornwall Road (London Cycle Network Route 3) at the junction with Stamford Street. The primary school children I was teaching safe on-road cycling to weren't impressed.

And, for the record, they all considered Upper Ground, where they were to turn right into Cornwall Road, to be a very hostile cycling environment. That'll be one of those Olympic Cycling Greenways / National Cycle Networks - stuffed full of big lorries, big buses and belching taxis.

1 comment:

amoeba said...

The driver said: 'It came out of nowhere!'

Fortunately the bollard was only slightly damaged.

Unfortunately the driver of LV09FMK will probably keep their licence.
Seriously, please forward the details to the Police.
At very least send them to the local paper.