Thursday, 7 July 2011

Free Range Kids - signs of the times

 I teach on-road cycling to children at a number of schools in Westminster and these new images from two different organisations strike a real chord with me in the parked-up, congested, noisy, polluted environment they live, work, play and travel in. Sustrans has hit the nail on the head with 'Free Range Kids' - please take the action they recommend. I'd also advocate joining the Climate Rush cycle flash mob from Soho Square on Wed 13 July at 6.30pm who use the image below.

Thankfully Westminster council is considering introducing Sunday parking fees and restrictions in Mayfair, Marylebone and Soho. Unbelieveably the churches, who one expects to be in favour of stewarding the Creation rather than destroying it, are objecting to this with at least one boasting that half its congregation drive to church!

The Rev Roderick Leece, rector of St George's in Hanover Square, has launched a petition against the plan and says he has thousands of supporters.

He said: "We need a campaign to stop this destructive move. Where Westminster leads, other councils will follow. If Sunday parking restrictions become the norm this could have an effect on many other inner-city churches and cathedrals.

"At least half of our average congregation drive to church on a Sunday. Having to find a parking bay and pay £4.40 per hour will deter a number of worshippers."

Doh! They could walk, cycle or use the excellent public transport service.
These petrol heads are meeting the Council tonight at the church at 7.45 - some dissenting voices would be good