Friday, 28 October 2011

The most expensive second-hand bike shop?

The sign on the door at Recycling, at the back of the Elephant & Castle shopping centre, put a smile on my face but the prices the shop charges for unexceptional second-hand bikes quickly wiped it off. I can't recommend purchasing a bike from them at their prices, however witty the wording on their labels.

Three examples:
a) A Btwin Elops 3, available brand new today from Decathlon at Surrey Quays for £169.99 (and a lovely town bike for short distances in my opinion)

b) A Carrera Subway, available brand new today from Halfords for £239.99 (but £60 more from next week)

c) Raleigh Superbe, with rod brakes, on eBay now between £20 and £60

1 comment:

Manteray said...

Thanks for saving me the journey-what a bunch of rip off merchants!