Friday 6 June 2014

A cycle friendly route to school in Clapham

Crescent Lane in Lambeth runs, one-way, between Clapham Common (on which not many people live) and Abbeville Roads and a cluster of streets off it, on which many people live. There is a primary school, shown on the map, on Crescent Lane that people from the Abbeville Road area travel to. 
 Here is a photo of Crescent Lane between Abbeville Road and the school - as you can see it's wide
As Crescent Lane is one-way, away from the Common, parents and pupils cycling from Abbeville Road can either ignore the No-Entry signs
as the lady and child above, and the lady and child below have chosen to do
 or they can be 'respectable' citizens and dismount and push their bike
 or their bike and trailer
I am sure that Lambeth Council, dominated by Labour which pledged in its election manifesto to make Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London, will rapidly make this wide street with its primary school truly splendid for the children to cycle independently along in either direction.