Monday 10 December 2012

Nominate a pavement and/or road to be fixed

 If you're in Princes Ward send an email to, in other wards try your local councillor or the transport department at Lambeth.

According to Cllr. Morgan,

The Princes Ward current backlog list comprises of

Roads: Brook Drive Chester Way Glyn Street Johnathan Street Laud Street Monkton Street Newport Street Oakden Street St Mary's Gardens St Mary's Walk Vauxhall Walk Walcot Square 
Pavements: Denny Crescent Denny Street Kennington Road (Kennington Lane to Lambeth Road) Sancroft Street Vauxhall Walk Walcot Square 
If you think another road/pavement needs doing then let us know and we will ask the traffic engineers to pay a visit. Photos of any issues always very helpful.