Thursday, 6 December 2012

A peaceful ride on our roads

This afternoon I led a small group of hardy Charlotte Sharman year 5 pupils (year 6 it turns out are on school trip) on a local ride.

First stop was the Black Prince Community Hub to check out the Regal Basketball Court with its gold-plated hoops, the football pitch and the long jump - the latter attempted on foot and then, inevitably, on bike

 We stopped to pick up some warming chips at Frank's Fish bar on Lambeth Walk (opposite Lupino Court, named after Lupino 'Doing the Lambeth Walk, Oy!' Lane).
then cycled past the former Doulton HQ to White Hart Dock
 before heading to the slipway by the SIS/MI6 building to eat our chips and throw stones into the Thames.
 On our way back we stopped to admire the Christmas lights at Pimlico Plumbers (and the van registration LOO 2 0LD)
 and checked out the names of several astronauts on the Plane trees on Kennington Road.
The previous day it was the turn of Crampton to cycle to More London. They tried very hard to obey the No Cycling rule in the vast volume of space,
 but some found the fountains irresistible.
Who could possibly blame them or deny them a little fun?