Thursday, 28 February 2013

Health and Wellbeing in Lambeth

This afternoon Lambeth had a Health and Wellbeing event at the (Insert car manufacturer sponsor) Oval. It was good to see a number had arrived by bike, and that had had locked up securely to the poorly designed cycle parking provided by the (car manufacturer) Oval.

More encouragement was to be found inside where a branding exercise was taking place (Public Health is joining in to Local Authorities). One question was:

with four options to choose between on where to stick a pink dot (and a Post It if you wanted to). There was a clear leader - let's hope it results in Active Travel being massively facilitated by the Health and Wellbeing Board.

 My journey took me by an omnipresent supermarket store I prefer to walk or cycle past than use. Pleasingly TfL recently took away the pedestrian barriers that previously encouraged drivers to speed and forced pedestrians to take a convoluted path to cross the road. Cycle parking has been installed, to replace that lost by the railings. Which would be good, if they hadn't barriered off the desire line for pedestrians again. Not really progress.