Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tick-Tock, Ding-Dong, Keep Calm and Carillon

You're invited to meet me under the clock in Waterloo Station this coming Saturday 2nd March. I'll be there from 11.15, but at 11.30 on the dot we'll be away on the first of Lambeth Cyclists' monthly Architecture Rides in 2013 in search of bells and clocks.

This isn't a long distance ride, and it certainly isn't a fast paced one, but it should be a well-timed ride, aiming to arrive by bells just before the hour. The ride will end at precisely 6.02 pm.

Hopefully it will have warmed up a bit, but we won't be outside all the time, so don't forget your locks. We'll stop for a quick pint of lunch somewhere, and for a cup of tea somewhere else


We'll certainly drop into a museum, and maybe a church or two. We'll be looking at and, hopefully, listening to some very old things....and seeing one very new bell that we're hoping won't be rung

Although we'll be cycling through some of the most expensive real estate in the world, the ride and museum entry is free.