Tuesday 16 April 2013

This year's 'must attend' event in Lambeth

Lambeth's Sustainable Travel team have just announced the date, Saturday 27th April, and details, below, of The Lambeth Cycle Conference. Sign up to attend here . You may also wish to keep Sunday free for Lambeth Cyclists' ride 'Autogeddon - the legacy of the motor car'.

How do we make Lambeth the most cycle-friendly borough in London?
How do we make Lambeth a place where anyone who wants to cycle can?
How do we make Lambeth a place for 8-80 year old cyclists?
Go Dutch?  Let’s make Lambeth go Danish!
Saturday 27th April 9.30-1.30pm with optional bike ride post conference
YMCA, 40-46 Stockwell Road SW9

Lambeth is one of the leading cycling boroughs in London and has won awards for various projects including its HGV/cycle training and secure residential cycle parking.  There are more and more cyclists on the road – but the majority are young to middle-aged men.

Lambeth wants to make a leap forward to become a place where cycling is normal for everyone – young, old, women, men, rich and poor.  Lambeth hopes that the Mayor’s recent Vision for Cycling will be an opportunity to tackle main roads and junctions which have put many people off cycling and we believe that the time is right to make a big difference to cycling in the borough.

You are invited to this free half day conference to hear about projects that are happening now in Lambeth – and to have a say about what should be done in the next few years. 
The conference aims to discuss what a cycle friendly Lambeth would be like - what should the priorities be to get there, what are the barriers at the moment and how can we all tackle them.

We want to make Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London.  Come along to help make it happen.

Lunch and refreshments provided.