Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cycle and Car Parking, and a Christmas Tree binned

Fantastic to see the new cycle parking outside Kennington tube station - very promising for the New Year.
Let's hope the staff and users of Lambeth Living's North Lambeth Housing Office make a New Year resolution to leave the car at home and cycle instead. This kind of parking that obstructs pushchair and wheelchair users happens all too often outside their Kennington Lane/Opal Street office:
Pavement obstruction by parked cars is something the Women's Institute could get their members to act on, rather than their current suggestion of forcing cycle helmets to be mandatory. Please read the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain blogpost and sign the petition against the WI's suggested measure to dissuade people from cycling.

 Finally, while we're just about to bring our Christmas tree inside for its annual holiday, it would appear that Christmas has come and gone already for others

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Jim Jepps said...

re: the tree

I'm imagining a family row, baubles go flying, 'father' shouts "Right! That's it Christmas is cancelled!"

And out it goes.

Well spotted.