Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TfL's latest ruse - making cyclists walk to smooth traffic flow at E&C?

I was wrong in my blog the other day that TfL had omitted to take advantage of works to install a Toucan crossing to complete the eastern Cycle Bypass that avoids the horrible E&C roundabout.

It isn't that the thought didn't occur to them. Much worse than that.

TfL actively decided not to install a Toucan crossing on this contorted but crucial Cycle Bypass. Here's the plan that was drawn up for the works that have recently taken place on the New Kent Road, and, as you can see top right, they proposed a Toucan Crossing
 That's pretty clear:
After all, what could be more sane and rational than to permit cyclists to cycle on a cycle bypass?

I don't know why TfL decided to stick with a Pelican crossing and make cyclists dismount, but I'm going to hazard a guess.

Pelican crossings have a flashing amber light period of time when traffic can go if people have stopped crossing. Toucan crossings are like normal traffic lights so road users have to wait until the green light to check it's clear then proceed.

So, if your imperative is to have traffic whooshing smoothly to a deadly major roundabout you could well choose to opt for a Pelican crossing.

If your imperative is to nurture and facilitate travel which decreases congestion, increases fitness, reduces CO2 emissions and pollution, and saves lives then you'd opt for a Toucan.

TfL have elected to support the motorist. It's time for change at TfL from the top down.