Tuesday 27 March 2012

Why didn't we use the cycle path?

I was well out of my normal territory when, on the request of Barnet Cyclists, I led about 80 cyclists on the Great Divide Ride on Sunday, highlighting the cycle-unfriendly junctions that criss-cross the North Circular Road. In working our way around the area we also travelled along a little of it at Staples Corner (the base of the M1).This photo by Shaun McDonald shows a few of the riders at this point.
I should point out that, exceptionally for this area, there is a very well hidden attempt at provision for cyclists under the railway arch in the background so one may argue that we needn't have taken the road. The reality is otherwise. I took a few cyclists on the cycle path after the ride as they wanted to return with me to South London.

Here's the two-way shared pedestrian/cycle path
It's just wide enough for one person to walk or nervously cycle along. So if, as happened to us, some people are walking towards you as you arrive at this point you're obliged to do this

Which would have been bloody funny, or not, with 80 of us.

Given the amount of money the North Circular Road and related major roads at this point (including the flyover you can see) must have cost it boggles the mind that the provision for cyclists and pedestrians was so lame.

It's time for this sad situation to be rectified, but which prospective Mayor will be the one to tackle such historic horrors? Time to sign up to http://www.londonersonbikes.org.uk/ and as the polling date nears check which candidate to vote for.