Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wrong Royal Parks 'No Entry' sign to be changed

The Thames Cycle Route (National Cycle Network route 4) runs across Richmond Park from Ham Gate to Roehampton Gate according to the Royal Parks website but it is contradicted in the park by the 'No Entry' sign shown above.

I wrote to the Royal Parks asking about this and am pleased that Richmond Park's Assistant Manager emailed me on 24th October to say, "The road sign is less than helpful and I have asked for it to be changed for one that reads 'except disabled permit holders and cyclists'."

That's two places with incorrect 'No Entry' signs this year that the Royal Parks have told me they'll change. The other signs are/were in the Mall on Sundays.

I'm seldom in Richmond Park so hopefully a reader will tell me when the sign there has been changed, and I'll have a look at some point in the coming weeks at the Mall on a Sunday to see if they've been changed yet.

Anyone know of any other suspect 'No Entry' signs in the Royal Parks?.

UPDATE 13/12/12. A regular cyclist in Richmond Park has told me the sign has been changed as promised. Great to have such prompt action from the Royal Parks.