Thursday 13 November 2014

My consultation response on DfT Cycling Delivery Plan

The plan is weak and lacks a national commitment and funding to match.

Specific items (apart from a national design and funding commitment) I
would like included are:
1. The longer term trend. Please can a graph be included showing the
historical trend in cycle trips, e.g. from 1996 when the UK’s first
National Cycling Strategy (NCS) was launched with the aim ‘to increase
cycle use’ (DoT, 1996a: 4). Its central target was to ‘double the
number of trips by cycle (on 1996 figures) by end 2002 and quadruple
the number of trips by cycle (on 1996 figures) by end of 2012’ (ibid).

This should show target and projected figures and give some reasoning
on why the targets were or were not met, and how this plan has been
protected from failure.

2. Given the aspiration for cycling levels to rival those in Germany,
Denmark and the Netherlands, please can the graph above be
extrapolated to show when, at the progress and investment rate
planned, we will meet the levels currently realised in those

3. Please can a website be maintained, quickly updated, showing which
local authorities have and have not signed up to work with the
government on the Delivery Plan.