Friday 16 April 2010

Commitments sought from prospective Councillors

This has been emailed to the local candidates that I've been able to find an email address for. I'll post their replies here too.

"I would be grateful if you could advise me what you intend to do if elected to make Princes Ward less intimidating for Active Travel (cycling and walking).

Specific to the ward, I would like to know whether you will commit to:

A) Getting the one-way street network in the ward made two-way for cyclists.

i) children from Archbishop Sumner's Primary School in Reedworth Street cannot cycle home to local streets such as Oakden Street without braving a four-lane A road (beyond the level taught to the children in National Standard training in the school).

ii) residents of Renfrew Road, Gilbert Road, Wincott Street and Reedworth Street cannot cycle on their local streets to a post box or convenience store
without having to cycle on an A road despite local shops and post box being just at the end of Wincott Street.

iii) children cannot cycle on local streets down to Vauxhall City Farm from the Ethelred Estate without having to cycle on an A road that forms part of the ring
road around the Congestion Zone.

B) Ensuring the signage in the ward for London Cycle Network 3 is corrected in advance of the Mayor's Cycle Hire scheme starting in the ward. Currently most of it is pointing the wrong way.

C) Reducing danger, particularly to children, by setting a 20mph speed limit throughout most, if not all, of the ward - the places where people live, work and shop. I am sure you are aware that much of continental Europe has a 30kph (18mph) standard limit in these areas and that research has shown that the likelihood of being killed or seriously injured is significantly reduced where such a limit exists.

D) Ensuring that local schools are funded to deliver cycle training so that all children get Level 2 (on-road) National Standard Cycle Training and the opportunity to take Level 3.

E) Take a cycle training lesson with the borough's providers if you have not already done so.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Charlie Holland"